Hong Kong, 8 November 2017: Boase Cohen & Collins Partner Alex Liu has become a familiar face to TV audiences in recent weeks as he offers legal analysis and advice on property matters.

Mr Liu has appeared in three episodes of the TVB documentary series A Property a Day, speaking about such topics as what happens when a cheque for purchase bounces, adverse possession of property and transfer of a property to a descendant by different means.

“It is well known that here in Hong Kong we have one of the most vibrant and competitive property markets in the world, yet many members of the public are unsure of their legal rights and obligations,” said Mr Liu.

“The documentary series seeks to highlight some common issues that can arise in property transactions and my role is to give a legal perspective on these and to highlight cases that have been resolved in court. People who have watched the programme tell me it is both useful and educational.”

A Property a Day originally aired on TVB’s terrestrial Finance Channel with excerpts used in news broadcasts on its flagship Jade service, the most popular channel in Hong Kong. It is still available via the myTV subscription service.

Mr Liu, a Partner in Boase Cohen & Collins since 2000, has been appointed Chairman of the Appeal Tribunal Panel (Buildings Ordinance) since 2007 and has considerable experience in dealing with property ownership and building management issues.