On September 8, 2021, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 S.A. (“AA2000”) issued its 4% Dollar-Linked Notes due in September 2031 for an amount of US$30,490,862, denominated  in U.S Dollars and payable in Argentine Pesos at the prevailing exchange rate (the “2023 Dollar-Linked Notes”).

The 2023 Dollar-Linked Notes are authorized be traded in Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos S.A. and the Mercado Abierto Electrónico.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Argentina) S.A.U., Macro Securities S.A., Banco Santander Río S.A., Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires S.A.U., BACS Banco de Crédito y Securitización S.A., Banco Hipotecario S.A., Allaria Ledesma & Cía. S.A., Puente Hnos. S.A., TPCG Valores S.A.U., Facimex Valores S.A., Banco Mariva S.A., AR Partners S.A. and Balanz Capital Valores S.A.U. acted as placement agents in the issuance of the notes (the “Placement Agents”).

Bomchil acted as counsel to AA2000. EGFA Abogados acted a counsel for the Placement Agents.

AA2000 is the largest airport concessionaire in Argentina since 1998, holding rights –under a Concession Agreement concluded with the Argentine Government– to use, operate and manage 35 of the 56 airports in the Argentine national airport system, including the two largest and most busy airports in Argentina.

Acting firms

Bomchil acted as counsel to AA2000, with a team lead by partner María Victoria Funes, together with associates Luciano Zanutto and Emir Faita.

EGFA Abogados acted as counsel to the Placement Agents, with a team lead by partners Carolina Curzi and Baruki González, together with associates Maria Constanza Martella and Ona Dimnik.