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I-OnAsia Limited

Hong Kong Office

This content is provided by I-OnAsia Limited.

Overview & History:

I-OnAsia is a global risk management company with a twenty-one year track record. The company has completed over 17,000 assignments for the world's largest companies, financial institutions, high net worth clients, and their legal counsel. I-OnAsia is focused on critical areas of due diligence, corporate investigations and litigation support, security services, and crisis management. They work with law firms and in-house counsel, including with those in the C-Suites of large firms headquartered in Greater China, the United Kingdom, the US and India.

I-OnAsia’s practice focuses on work that may be performed internally by its own team, and I-OnAsia does not typically use subcontractors. The majority of I-OnAsia’s employees are in Asia, and its office heads in the UK and Americas have significant Asia experience.

Services expertise are in White Collar Investigations, Due Diligence, Corporate Investigations and Litigation Support, Security Services and Crisis Management.


I-OnAsia has significant regional experience with White Collar Investigations not limited to:

■ Bribery, FCPA, Sanctions, AML matters.

■ FCPA Due Diligence, Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment Reviews, and Compliance Program Implementation Support.

■ Investigations & Whistleblower Investigations for Audit Committees.

■ Investigation involving potential violations of securities laws (e.g. Ponzi schemes, boiler rooms).

■ Trade Secrets & IPR and ITC (Including Anti-Competition and Anti-Trust and Price Fixing).

■ CFIUS & OFAC and other specific export compliance and trade sanctions investigations.

■ Data Security & Data Privacy

■ Serious Fraud investigations.

■ Criminal Tax Proceeding investigations.

■ Enforcement of Judgements and Asset Searches.

I-OnAsia has significant regional experience with Due Diligence background checks research for law firms and financial services institutions such as venture capital and private equity firms, as well as underwriters and sponsors of listings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange and other major exchanges, not limited to:

■ Pre-IPO Due Diligence.

■ SPAC and De-SPAC Due Diligence

■ FCPA Due Diligence.

■ ESG Due Diligence.

Other Corporate Investigations & Litigation Support services offered by I-OnAsia include:

■ Skip Tracing & Location Services.

■ Writ Service.

■ Global Asset Tracing (including Global Rapid Heatseeker Asset Searches)

■ Fraud & Corruption Investigations

■ Digital Forensics

■ Intellectual Property Protection.

■ Law Enforcement Liaison.

Security Services offered by I-OnAsia include:

■ Private Security.

■ Security Assessments & Installations.

■ Remote Site Captures.

■ Threat Intelligence

■ TSCM Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Bug Sweeps

■ Information Security

■ Board Meeting Security

I-OnAsia provides Crisis Management services:

■ For Elite Individuals.

■ Crisis Intelligence to Corporations.

■ Hong Kong Rapid Response Team.

■ Social Media and Customer Service Crisis Support.

■ I-OnAsia Crisis Management