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Partners: Christopher B. Coye, Eamon H. Courtenay, Denise A. T. Courtenay
Number of partners: 3
Number of lawyers: 8
Languages: English, Spanish, French

Practice Area Contacts:
Banking & Finance:

Christopher Coye (Onshore & Offshore)
Corporate Law & Structuring:
Christopher Coye
Investment, Tax, Asset Protection & Estate Planning:
Christopher Coye
Real Estate:
Christopher Coye
Intellectual Property:
Christopher Coye
Contract Law:
Denise Courtenay SC
Family Law:
Denise Courtenay SC
Probate & Administration:
Denise Courtenay SC
Civil Litigation:
Eamon Courtenay SC
Corporate & Banking Litigation:
Eamon Courtenay SC
Real Estate Litigation:
Eamon Courtenay SC
Intellectual Property Litigation:
Eamon Courtenay SC
Constitutional & Administrative Law Litigation:
Eamon Courtenay SC

Firm Overview:
Courtenay Coye LLP has established itself as one of the leading law firms in Belize with its attorneys having a combined experience of over 70 years. It commenced operation in July 2007 when Eamon H. Courtenay S.C. (formerly of W.H. Courtenay & Co.) joined Christopher Coye of Coye & Co. In January 2009, Courtenay Coye LLP also welcomed Denise Courtenay S.C. formerly of W.H. Courtenay & Co. as a partner at the firm. The senior and junior associates of the firm are Pricilla Banner (senior associate), Iliana Swift (junior associate), Stacey Castillo (junior associate), Sol Espejo (junior associate) and Gavin Courtenay (junior associate). Courtenay Coye LLP is a full-service civil practice law firm offering quality legal services and advice in all areas of Belize law.

The firm differentiates itself by seeking a deeper understanding of its clients’ particular needs than is typically expected of lawyers. Both founding partners have economics degrees and first-hand banking experience, enabling them to provide professional legal advice to international clientele as well as local individuals and businesses about investing in Belize. By providing clients with sound solution-oriented legal advice, the firm has attracted the business of a broad range of clients including private individuals, corporations and banks locally and internationally. Courtenay Coye LLP is committed to providing innovative, cost-effective and practical legal services and solutions.
Main Areas of Practice:

Banking & Finance:
The firm’s attorneys act and have acted for numerous local, overseas and multinational banks and multilateral lending institutions in respect to loans made to Belizean entities, local and offshore, and in relation to assets or other investments connected to Belize. The firm advises and acts for lenders, borrowers and third party guarantors in connection with all types of lending including long and short term secured and unsecured credit facilities, loan syndications, trade finance, debt restructuring, property and acquisition finance, public and private placement offerings. The firm also advises banks and financial institutions concerning relevant banking laws, regulations and practice directions and compliance therewith in set up, licensure and operations including advising on anti-money laundering and know your customer compliance procedures, exchange control, corporate governance, treatment and classification of loans, other assets and deposits.

Onshore & Offshore Corporate Law & Structuring:
The firm advises on general commercial issues including domestic and offshore corporate structures for tax efficiency, financing, investment, corporate governance, management and control, asset protection, estate and other planning purposes, and are competent to advise on specialised issues such as re-domiciliation, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, shareholder and investment agreements, bond and equity offerings, winding up and insolvency.

Real Estate:
The firm represents individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, lending institutions and private sector developers in relation to the acquisition, financing, development, dealing with and sale of real estate including but not limited to settling and preparation of sale purchase agreements, conveyancing and other assurances of title, easements, restrictive covenants, by-laws, loan and security documentation relating to the purchase and development of property, procurement of relevant permits whether in connection with environmental matters, planning and land use laws and regulations or otherwise, advising on construction contracts, subdivision, stratification, time share and fractional ownership, and all other matters in connection with real estate.

Tax Planning:
The firm assists clients with and work along with international law firms from jurisdictions of the client’s residence and/or citizenship in the creation of tax efficient structures and tax planning. Advice is also given on indirect tax matters, stamp, customs and other duties.

Asset Protection & Estate Planning:
The firm has extensive experience and expertise in devising solid and lawful asset protection and estate planning structures utilising onshore and offshore structures including but not limited to trusts, foundations, limited liability companies, mortgages, insurance and annuities.

Intellectual Property:
Courtenay Coye LLP acts as trade mark, service mark, design and patent attorneys and agents, and provides a full range of services in all aspects of trade mark, design and patent law. The firm offers integrated advice on all aspects of the protection and exploitation of intellectual property.  Its intellectual property services include registrations of trade marks and patents, and renewals and assignments of trade marks. While the firm’s aim is to avoid costly litigation, it will defend its clients before the Registrar and the courts in its provision of litigation services in intellectual property oppositions and disputes.

The firm advises clients on pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, divorce, property settlements, child custody and succession. When necessary, the firm offers contentious and non-contentious litigation services.

The firm’s attorneys often provide local companies, international law firms, banks and other financial institutions, trust companies, and private individuals with expert advice on Belizean Law. Courtenay Coye LLP offers a full range of services in contentious disputes in the courts in Belize in arbitrations and in other tribunals and inquiries. The firm’s attorneys appear in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the Caribbean Court of Justice on behalf of its clients. As a common law jurisdiction, many of the remedies which are used in England such as Mareva freezing injunctions, Norwich Pharmaceutical orders and interim receiverships are utilised in Belize. The firm has particular expertise in the handling of complex commercial and banking litigation including cases involving multiple parties and multiple jurisdictions. It also has extensive experience and expertise to the point of playing an integral role in the development through case law of regional jurisprudence in constitutional and administrative law litigation.


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