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Head of Chambers: Adam Vaitilingam QC
Chambers’ Director: Paul Fletcher
Senior Clerk (Crime): Bonnie Colbeck
Senior Clerk (Civil/Family): Michael Harding
Clerk (Regulatory): Nicholas Jeanes
Clerk (Family): Julie Hathway Marcus Harding
Clerk (Crime): Ken Duthie Joanna Cload
Clerk (Civil): Stephen Arnold
Tenants: 72

This Bristol set has an excellent reputation across the Western Circuit and beyond for matters including family law, crime, employment and disciplinary issues, inquests, regulatory issues, personal injury and clinical negligence, probate and the administration of estates, landlord and tenant matters and other land disputes. General common law is also dealt with.

The Set
Albion Chambers was established around 100 years ago and has a long established commitment to integrity, approachability and the highest quality of advice and advocacy. Its 72 barristers include four Queen’s Counsel. There are two door tenants both of whom are Queen’s Counsel, and two associate members.

Albion Chambers recognises the importance of high levels of service to professional and lay clients alike. Chambers’ teams of committed specialists practise throughout the South West and beyond, providing clear, strong, expeditious and practical advice and representation. Highly-skilled and experienced support staff offer friendly and efficient service. Many members accept public access work.


Adam Vaitilingam QC (1987) (QC-2010) + A

Charles Hyde QC (1998) (QC-2006) +

Kate Brunner QC (1997) A + (QC-2015)

Timothy Hills (1968) A

Louise Price (1972) A

Nicholas Fridd (1975) A

John Geraint Norris (1980)

Don Tait (1987)

Sorrel Dixon (1987)

Fiona Elder (1988) A

Deborah Dinan-Hayward (1988) A

Tanya Zabihi (1988)

Sophie Knapp (1990)

Hayley Griffiths (1990)

David Sapiecha (1990)

Claire Rowsell (1991)

Nicholas Sproull (1992) A

Elizabeth Harris (1992)

Alan Fuller (1993) A

Jonathan Stanniland (1993)

Nikki Coombe (1994)

Giles Nelson (1995)

Richard English (1995)

Rachael Morton (1995)

Daniel Leafe (1996)

Kannan Siva (1996)

Michael Hall (1996)

Patrick Mason (1997)

Hannah Wiltshire (1998)

Charlotte Pitts (1999) A

Sarah Regan (2000)

David Chidgey (2000) A

Linsey Knowles (2000) A

Richard Shepherd (2001) A

David Cotterell (2001) A

Harry Ahuja (2001)

Timothy Baldwin (2001)

James Cranfield (2002)

Stephen Roberts (2002)

Fiona Farquhar (2002)

Emma Martin (2002)

Darren Stewart (2002)

Caroline Middleton (2002)

Joanna Lucas (2004)

Gemma Borkowski (2005) A

Anna Midgley (2005) A

Monisha Khandker (2005)

William Heckscher (2006)

Derek Perry (2006)

Alice Darian (2006)

Edward Hetherington (2006)

Sarah Pope (2006)

Jonathan Wilkinson (2006)

Stuart Fuller (2007)

Simon Emslie (2007) A

Philip Baggley (2009)

Emily Brazenall (2009)

Alun Williams (2009)

Clare Fear (2010)

Kevin Farquharson (2011)

Alexander West (2011)

Philip Smith (2012)

Alexander Small (2012)

Simon Cooper (2012)

Charley Pattison (2013)

Rupert Russell (2013)

Robert Morgan-Jones (2014)

Chloe Griggs (2014)

Yasmin El-Nazer (2015)

Lucy Taylor (2016)

Emily Heggadon (2017)

Kate Branigan (1985) (QC-2006) *

Nkumbe Ekaney QC (1990) (QC-2011) *

Elizabeth Cunningham (1995) A*

Benjamin Jenkins (2004)*

+ Recorder * Door Tenant A Public/ Direct Access