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Managing Partners: Pascal Ormen, Remi Passemard
Number of partners: 2
Number of lawyers: 12
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Having developed since 2004, the team’s expertise, knowledge and reputation have all equally grown over the years. It is recognised by clients as a leading law firm and praised for its ability to handle large, complex matters, including mass litigation. The partners have developed specific, complementary and in-depth knowledge in high-stakes litigation areas, particularly in insurance, reinsurance, construction, financial lines, industrial risks, product liability, property and cyber risks. It has built an esteemed niche practice recognised, both in France and abroad, as being at the forefront of its chosen fields of expertise.

Practice Areas:
■ Litigation
■ Insurance & Reinsurance
■ Product Liability
■ Financial Lines
■ Industrial Risks
■ Life Insurance
■ Construction
■ Banking

Main Areas of Practice:
Insurance & Reinsurance
Product Liability
Financial Lines
Industrial Risks
Life Insurance

ORPA Legal acts in a wide range of commercial cases, whether in proceedings on the merits, in applications for urgent interim relief, in arbitration and mediation or in complex, court-ordered expert investigations. Areas of practice include enforcement of warranties and indemnities granted on the sale of a company; performance of commercial contracts; termination of business relationships, distribution agreements; tort and contract liabilities.

Insurance & Reinsurance Litigation:
ORPA Legal provides services in all areas of the insurance industry. The firm has a strong reputation in insurance law and is one of the French law firms practicing reinsurance. The firm has extensive experience in coverage disputes (application of coverage over time, exclusions, forfeiture, etc.) and also handles subrogation actions. ORPA Legal is also involved in disputes specific to the insurance/reinsurance sector (disputes between insurers concerning cooperation agreements, disputes among insurers, brokers and management centres, etc.). Relevant areas also include casualty and PI claims; property; life insurance; bond and credit insurance; cyber-risks; contamination.

Insurance Regulatory:
ORPA Legal regularly provides assistance on licensing requirements in France, regulation of insurance products, policy wordings, distribution (especially on Insurance Distribution Directive of 20 January 2016 - IDD) The firm also advises on insurance issues raised by significant mergers and acquisitions in various industrial sectors and assists foreign insurers marketing insurance products tailored to the French market.
■ Ongoing matters include advising a major French provider of mobile phones in structuring an insurance program covering mobile damages and theft

Product Liability:
ORPA Legal is used to handle major product liability cases. The firm has specific experience in pharmaceutical, electric and electronic products. Areas of practice include household appliances, consumer products, parts suppliers and motorvehicle manufacturers, health products, chemical products, electric and electronic products.
■Ongoing matters include representing a company specialised in home appliances in dozens of expert investigations and litigations regarding the quality of its products

Financial Lines:
ORPA Legal is appointed by French or foreign insurers as monitoring counsel, coverage or defense counsel in connection with losses pending before French or foreign jurisdictions (D&O, EPL, IPO, crime and fraud, transaction risk insurance, FI).
■Ongoing matters include representing a D&O insurer in various coverage litigations arising from liability claims before English courts against directors of a listed company (amount in excess of €100m)

Industrial Risks:
ORPA Legal is in the vanguard of a great number of major industrial accidents. The firm intervenes in crisis situations to preserve the rights of its clients and assists them in expert investigations and legal proceedings for recovering compensation or defending their interests and reputation. Areas of practice include energy production (electric power station, offshore oil platforms etc), large-scale construction projects (building of airports, shopping malls and industrial facilities), fire at industrial facilities, professional premises etc.; material damage, consequential losses and bodily injury arising from losses at major industrial sites.
■Ongoing matters include defending the supplier of spare parts further to a major fire in a refinery (amount at stake in excess of €200m)

ORPA Legal acts for builders, property developers or owners in a multitude of construction law cases. Relevant areas relate to enforcement of builders’ warranties, building defects; completion bonds, compliance with contract specifications and building permits, construction of major public facilities, shopping malls and high-class buildings.
■Ongoing matters include an investigation further to the destruction of a supporting beam during a building renovation project

Health & Life Sciences:
ORPA Legal acts for multinational pharmaceutical companies in extremely sensitive matters. The firm represents drug manufacturers in matters relating to pharmaceutical drug liability and medical malpractice matters. Relevant matters include liability cases for health products (medicines and medical appliances), pharmaceutical industry litigation, medical malpractice, bodily injury.
■Ongoing matters include representing the insurance company of a pharmaceutical firm relating to the mediator

ORPA Legal acts for foreign and French financial institutions in various banking litigation matters.
■Ongoing matters include liability cases concerning unsatisfactory financial investments; debt recovery and enforcement of securities, investments lost in fraud schemes, duty to advise clients, duty of vigilance on (cross-border) transfer of funds, structuring and transfer of personal or business assets, private banking and wealth management

ORPA Legal advises insurers in connection with cyber-risks policy wordings, coverage advice and indemnification of losses in cooperation with IT experts investigating the losses (lost data, security breaches etc).
■Ongoing matters include assisting an insurer in relation with a cyber-intrusion in an IT system for payment and transfer of funds; legal advice on cyber exposure in cyber/non cyber policies

ORPA Legal acts in a wide variety of environmental matters involving severe pollution. In particular, the firm represents industrial companies and their environmental liability insurers in recent significant cases involving the application of the EC Directive regarding environmental liability.