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FIRM NAME: Mattersmith Limited

Mattersmith Legal Services Website:

Tel: 0333 242 0546

Founder: Andrew Scott

Number of Principals: 2

Number of Lawyers: 1

Number of FTE IT Professionals (Contractors): 1


Mattersmith is a specialist, regulated law firm led by Andrew Scott, who has decades of experience in IT, outsourcing, and commercial contracting. The firm utilizes built-for-purpose tools to accelerate processes and reduce time to completion. These tools are also available for client use through the firm's virtual contract assistant, Contractsmith. Mattersmith operates with a small, agile team and collaborates with other firms and lawyers both domestically and internationally, maintaining connections in the UK, Europe, USA, Singapore, and Australia.


Type of work

Mattersmith is focussed on IT, outsourcing, data services, and commercial contracting. The firm is pleased to bring its skills, experience, and resources to one-off projects and to assist clients regularly with different matters or specific types of agreements.

A comprehensive suite of services is offered designed to meet the diverse needs of its clients, which can be utilized individually or in combination:

  • Legal Services: The firm provides expert advice, negotiation, and drafting of commercial agreements that can be managed by a single lawyer or a small team. This includes handling low-impact, everyday matters such as NDAs on a volume basis.
  • Contract Governance: Mattersmith manages agreements and offers practical guidance on best practices related to contract lifecycle management.
  • Service-as-Software: Through its branded tool, Contractsmith, the firm offers software and content solutions in conjunction with its other services. These tools are designed to accelerate and simplify the writing and management of contracts.

When clients require services beyond the firm's core expertise, they are introduced to specialists within Mattersmith's extensive network of contacts or assisted in selecting an adviser from their own shortlist. When necessary, the Mattersmith team collaborates seamlessly with these additional advisers

Who the firm serves

The firm's client base is diverse, encompassing a wide range of sizes. Mattersmith serves international financial institutions, publicly listed companies, as well as scale-up and start-up businesses. This broad spectrum of clients reflects the firm's ability to tailor its legal services to meet the unique needs of both large, established organizations and emerging enterprises

The firm works with:

  • In-house Counsel: Acting as a specialist department, Mattersmith integrates seamlessly with a client's team of lawyers or legal administrators.
  • Commercial Management: Understanding the need for the fastest, least risky route to deal conclusion, the firm helps senior business managers finalize deals efficiently, allowing them to focus on their core business.
  • Procurement: To achieve the best value, clear deliverables, and optimal outcomes with IT, outsourcing, and specialist services suppliers, Mattersmith helps define the relationship with precise detail.
  • Suppliers: Recognizing that contracts can cause delays or even pullbacks after a deal is closed in principle, the firm uses its experience on both sides to conclude matters with minimal friction.


Mattersmith prides itself on its deep understanding and expertise in two key sectors: financial services and software and information services. The team's comprehensive knowledge and experience in these industries enable them to provide tailored legal solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities their clients face.

The firm's work in the financial services sector enhances client productivity and reduces time and costs associated with routine matters, such as NDAs, hold-harmless letters, reliance letters, and engagement letters. Additionally, the firm provides expert advice on, negotiates, and drafts compliant contracts for the procurement of software, data, and professional services. Mattersmith has extensive experience ensuring that contracts comply with FCA, PRA, and EBA requirements related to material outsourcing, SaaS, operational resilience, and data protection.

Mattersmith possesses over 30 years of expertise in the software and information services sector, with Andrew Scott recognized as an accredited expert. The firm's extensive experience includes advising on, negotiating, drafting, and managing SaaS, software development, systems implementation, on-prem software licensing, and support contracts for both suppliers and customers. Mattersmith's services encompass drafting the body of contracts, formulating service level agreements, and developing commercial models. This depth of knowledge ensures clients receive comprehensive legal support tailored to the unique demands of the software and data industries.

International work

Much of the firm’s work has an international dimension. Work includes assisting suppliers conclude software contracts across Europe, and the firm’s practice in negotiating and documenting NDAs in the capital markets is worldwide.


Phone: 0333 242 0546

Email: [email protected]

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