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Number of partners: 14
Number of lawyers:
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian

Firm Overview:
KLIEMT.HR Lawyers is one of Germany’s leading law firms, specialising in labour and employment law. With about 65 lawyers, all specialising exclusively in labour and employment law, and offices in Düsseldorf (headquarters), Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. KLIEMT.HR Lawyers provides legal advice throughout Germany. The firm has a first-class reputation on the market for its professional competence, especially in restructuring projects. KLIEMT.HR Lawyers solves problems pragmatically and creatively, without taking legal risks.

International/Ius Laboris:
KLIEMT.HR Lawyers is the German member of IUS LABORIS (, the global alliance of leading employment-law firms. Through Ius Laboris the firm offers an integrated cross-border service on the highest level in more than 100 countries. On request, a central contact will coordinate worldwide employment-law and labour-law requirements. All Ius Laboris member firms have excellent reputations in their own countries. They are ranked among the best employment law firms in their countries in the standard international legal reference works and law firm directories. They are rooted in their local markets and therefore have a thorough knowledge of the local legal culture, while at the same time thinking in international terms.

Established in 2002, KLIEMT.HR Lawyers in Germany has won the title of ‘Law Firm of the Year for Labour and Employment Law’ several times. The KLIEMT-team includes some of Germany’s most renowned and award-winning labour-law partners.

Main Areas of Practice:

Restructuring & Reorganisation:
KLIEMT.HR Lawyers assists clients in preparing, budgeting and carrying out collective lay-offs. The firm assists in providing information and in consultation and collective negotiations with works councils and unions in relation to company restructurings, the transfer of undertakings, the HR aspects of mergers and acquisitions and so on.

Outsourcing/Transfers of Undertakings:
Solving problems on the transfer of undertakings, section 613a German Civil Code. Collective Bargaining Agreements, Unions & Industrial Action: Negotiation and entering into tailor-made company and collective pay agreements; advising in industrial action and strike scenarios including development of prevention strategies and creating models for reducing collectively agreed pay.

Employee Representation & Works Constitution Law:
KLIEMT.HR Lawyers advises clients on all questions of works constitution law, drafts works agreements on all relevant issues of operational practice (e g. working time, remuneration, vacation, overtime, technical monitoring facilities) and conducts negotiations with works councils including the conduct of conciliation proceedings. KLIEMT.HR Lawyers assists clients in creating alternative company structures to reduce influence of works councils; carrying out court proceedings, attending conciliation boards and so on.

Hiring & Dismissals:
KLIEMT.HR Lawyers drafts employment contracts and advises on and negotiates individual dismissals, including the preparation of works council hearings.

Discrimination & Diversity:
The KLIEMT.HR Lawyers discrimination team focuses on all forms of prohibited employment discrimination in terms and conditions in employment contracts. It studies trends in emerging issues, types of claims, prevention methods, compliance tools, dispute resolution methods and recent litigation. It establishes non‐discrimination and diversity systems with and without the works council.

Ethics Guidelines:
KLIEMT.HR Lawyers advises on the implementation of professional ethics guidelines and codes of conduct, including negotiations with works councils.

Compensation, Benefits & Pensions:
KLIEMT.HR Lawyers deals with all aspects of compensation, benefits and pensions. The firm advises on the design and implementation of flexible modern remuneration systems and stock option plans, including cafeteria plans and including negotiations with works councils and unions.

Data Protection & Privacy:
KLIEMT.HR Lawyers advises on data protection and privacy laws, in particular concerning databases and software for HR purposes, cross-border data transfer issues, monitoring of e-mail and internet use and the use of surveillance cameras and tracking systems.

Corporate Governance:
KLIEMT.HR Lawyers assists clients with respect to executive contracts and company law issues that can arise in the HR context. The firm deals with the functioning of the AGM, board of directors, supervisory board and management, and the appointment and dismissal of directors and managers. KLIEMT. HR Lawyers advises on the liability of directors and management and management equity participation as well as on the impact of corporate governance codes and law.

KLIEMT.HR Lawyers advises both international and domestic clients in all sectors including banking, insurance, financial services, information technology, pharmaceuticals and health care, automotive, aviation, advertising and media, telecommunication, energy, mining, fashion, food and beverage, real estate, manufacturing, publishing and retail. In addition the firm advises a multitude of international law firms, management consultancy firms, tax advisers and accountants that call us in as employment-law specialists. The firm strives to develop a close and long-term relationship with each of its clients.