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This content is provided by JIMÉNEZ HIGUITA RODRÍGUEZ & Asociados.

Managing Partner: Julián Jiménez Mejía
Senior Partners: Jairo Higuita Naranjo, Carlos Rodríguez Vásquez, Bibiana Buitrago Duarte, Tomás Barreto Ramírez
Number of partners (worldwide): 5
Number of other lawyers (worldwide): 18

Tax: Julián Jiménez Mejía and Jairo Higuita Naranjo
Family Estate Planning: Jairo Higuita Naranjo and Bibiana Buitrago
Customs Law: Tomás Barreto Ramírez
Transfer Pricing: Bibiana Buitrago Duarte
Labour Counseling, UGPP Inspections: Bibiana Buitrago Duarte
Due Diligence: Carlos Rodríguez Vásquez and Julian Jimenez
Exchange Law: Bibiana Buitrago Duarte

Firm Overview:
Jiménez, Higuita, Rodríguez & Asociados is a specialised firm in the areas of tax, customs and exchange law, composed of a team of experts in these disciplines, with more than fifteen years of experience in advising national and foreign companies, public and private. The firm is based on the knowledge, experience, and recognition that its partners and associates have in these areas.

Its service is personalised and comprehensive and is provided with professionalism, efficiency initiatives, responsibility, and commitment, consulting the needs of each client. Since August of 2019, Jiménez Higuita Rodríguez y Asociados is the collaborating firm in Colombia of Andersen Global. This gives it the opportunity to expand its services in different countries around the globe and to collaborate with other firms in its practice area, mainly in Latin America, the US and Europe.

Areas of Practice:
Tax Advice: 85%
Transfer Pricing: 6%
Litigation: 4%
Family Estate Planning: 3%
Labour Counseling, UGPP
Inspections: 1%
Due Diligence: 1%
Exchange Law: 1%

Main Areas of Practice:
Local & International Tax Advice:
The objective of the firm’s services is to advise its clients permanently and comprehensively on tax matters, and to support them in the decision making of their businesses. The firm’s advice will allow its clients to structure their strategic tax planning, through the timely acquittal of their tax queries and the analysis of alternatives tending to optimise their tax burden.

Local & International Tax Planning:
The objective of the firm’s services is to generate tax planning strategies in compliance with local and international tax regulations, and in this way optimise the tax burden of its clients in compliance with the regulations that apply to them.

Family Estate Planning:
In this area of practice the firm focuses on the structuring of family equity to respond to the needs of its clients, such as legal security, heritage protection, succession planning, among others.

Transfer Pricing:
The correct determination of prices in transactions between related parties allows the parties to structure international movements in an efficient fiscal manner. The firm’s services help you to structure your transfer prices according to your needs and mitigating the risks that derive from them. The practice also includes the analysis of the operations that its clients carry out with their related parties abroad or in the free zone and the accompaniment in the due compliance of their obligations in this matter.

Labour Consultancy, Social Security & UGPP Audit:
In this area the firm intends to provide comprehensive advice on labour issues and social security of its clients, with special emphasis on social security contributions and parafiscal contributions associated with the payroll, charges that are subject to permanent control by the UGPP (Unit of Pension and Parafiscal Management).

International Work:
Jiménez Higuita Rodríguez y Asociados have advised and accompanied different clients in matters of tax, customs, and exchange law. One great example of this is the design of Ethus Energy; incorporation and implementation of a private equity fund in Canada, which principal objective is to obtain long-term capital gains from investments in companies which profit from the (i) generation, transmission, distribution and commercialisation of renewable energy and /or non-renewable energy and/or (ii) commercialization of fuels related to the generation of electric power.

English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

■ Bolsa de Valores de Colombia S.A.
■ Pactia S.A.S.
■ Grupo Everis (Everis Colombia LTDA., Everis Spain S.L. Sucursal En Colombia, Everis BPO Colombia LTDA.)
■ Grupo Coomeva (Coomeva Entidad Promotora de Salud S.A., Fiduciaria Coomeva S.A., Cooperativa Médica Del Valle y De Profesionales De Colombia S.A., Banco Coomeva S.A., Coomeva Medicina Prepagada S.A.)
■ Grupo IGT (IGT Colombia LTDA., IGT Comunicaciones Colombia LTDA., IGT Foreign Holdings Corporation Sucursal Colombia, IGT Juegos S.A.S., IGT Colombia Solutions S.A.S.)
■ Grupo Ethuss (Eléctricas de Medellin Ingenieria y Servicios S.A., Petroeléctrica de Los Llanos Ltd. Sucursal Colombia, Fábrica de Estructuras Sade Eléctricas S.A.S., H B Estructuras Metálicas S.A.S., Termotécnica S.A.S.)
■ Grupo Femsa Coca Cola (Embotelladora de la Sabana S.A.S., Industria Nacional de Gaseosas S.A., Indega S.A., Compañía Inversionista de Bebidas S.A.S., Cinbe S.A.S.)
■ Alianza Fiduciaria S.A.
■ One Link BPO
■ Vass Consultoria de Sistemas Colombia S.A.S.
■ Universidad de Los Andes.
■ Pernod Ricard.
■ Depósito Centralizado de Valores de Colombia Deceval S.A.
■ Sanofi Aventis de Colombia S.A. (Sanofi Pasteur S.A.; Genfar S.A.; Bioverative Colombia S.A.S.)
■ Chevron Petroleum Company
■ Newell Brands de Colombia S.A.S.
■ Grupo Ave
■ Sophos Solutions
■ Grupo IGA (Andres Carne de Res, Kokoriko y Mimos)
■ Mass Equity Partner

Jiménez Higuita Rodríguez y Asociados is the collaborating firm of Andersen Global with a presence in over 177 locations worldwide: