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Managing Partner: Christophe Hénin
Number of partners: 2
Number of lawyers: 15
Languages: French, English

Firm Overview:
The firm was founded in 2005 and regroups specialised lawyers in pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. INTUITY’s lawyers are the privileged partners of major national and international companies in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetic and food industries. INTUITY grounds its expertise on a thorough knowledge of the healthcare sector and the changing legal, political, and economic environment. INTUITY also uses the creativity and experience of its lawyers to suggest innovative solutions to proceed further within the submitted dossiers. Because of its boutique law firm structure, INTUITY's lawyers personally accompany their clients, ensuring them the availability of the same lawyer, specifically designated in view of his expertise throughout a case.

Main Areas of Practice:
Regulatory/Market Access:
INTUITY intervenes on every issue related to pharmaceutical law and healthcare products, i.e. medicinal products, medical devices, dietary supplements, cosmetics, biocides, notably.
Recent & Relevant Cases:
■ Coordination meetings and EU litigation actions against the European Commission in the context of a refusal to grant or maintain the orphan designation
■ Coordination and actions against proposed reimbursed prices issued by national authorities in several member states
■ Compliance/Sunshine Act/liability, anti-corruption and transparency laws, group audits and litigations
■ Support of companies in the transitional period between its product’s authorisation for temporary use (ATU) and the grant of its marketing authorisation (MA)

Competition & Distribution:
INTUITY regularly acts before courts (commercial, civil or administrative) to defend its clients’ interests against competitors or administrative authorities: competition and unfair competition, commercial disputes, regulatory and contractual breaches.
Recent & Relevant Cases:
■ Parallel imports, supply chain systems, system of rebates throughout Europe in compliance with competition requirements
■ Actions before administrative Supreme Courts against a Minister Order equivalent to a state aid
■ Coordinated actions in the US and in Europe against worldwide licensing contracts equivalent to anti-competitive agreements

Product Liability:
INTUITY usually assists pharmaceutical companies when their products are involved, notably in procedures equivalent to class actions raised by patients.
Recent & Relevant Cases:
■ Liability issue involving an international pharmaceutical company for its product intended for the treatment of the Parkinson’s disease, which side effects can notably lead to compulsive gambling behaviors and/or hyper sexuality
■ Marketing 3rd and 4th generation contraceptive pills currently raised by women claiming having used their products. The firm’s action covers quite a broad legal spectrum: not only does the firm advise its clients on the criminal aspects of the procedures, but also on the regulatory issues caused by the new requirements set by the competent authorities
■ Assistance to blood thinner manufacturer facing claims based on the grounds that one of its major medicines would have caused death of many patients who were treated notably with this medicine

Arbitration, Commercial, Civil, Intellectual Property & Criminal Litigation:
Recent & Relevant Cases:
■ Litigation in relation with a change in the discount rate granted by a pharmaceutical company to its wholesalers
■ Litigations on patent disputes and its huge contractual consequences
■ Petition for suspension against the decision of the ANSM interrupting the manufacturing, marketing, distribution, exportation and the use of products improving digestion as well as recalls of such products

Electronic Communication/Data Protection:
The firm is frequently involved in issues relating to the data protection (clinical trials, patient medical file, temporary authorisations for use, notably).
Recent & Relevant Cases:
■ Implementation of the EU 2016 Regulation (GDPR) for many pharmaceutical groups as well as websites in compliance with European and French regulations applying to electronic communications and more widely with all issues regarding the European and national laws applicable to online communication with regards to regulatory and competitors issues
■ Advice to healthcare companies wishing to protect their e-reputation
■ Advice to software providers

Firm Contacts:
■ Christophe Hénin
[email protected]
■ Blandine Stephenson
[email protected]
■ Julie Vasseur
[email protected]


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