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Managing Partner: Vincent Fauchoux, Laurent Carrié
Number of partners: 10
Number of lawyers: 30
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Firm Overview:
DEPREZ GUIGNOT ASSOCIES-DDG is a French law firm founded in 1987, with around forty lawyers and legal experts, of whom 12 are partners. The firm is ranked among the top French independent law firms in France. Its base line is Business law firm dedicated to digital economy.

Main Areas of Practice:

-IP-IT & Media
-Business & Commercial
-Litigation & Arbitration
-Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions
-Labour & Employment
-Trademark & Design Prosecution Service

10 partners and approximately 45 fee earners, all located in Paris, France.

IP-IT & Media:
4 partners: Pierre Deprez, Vincent Fauchoux, Frédéric Dumont, Guillaume Deglaire The IP-IT and media department is fully dedicated to intangible assets and communications. The firm provides legal advice to major advertising companies, news agencies and publishers, French and European radio and television companies, cable and satellite television companies, satellite and DSL television package, luxury houses, as well as content providers, web pure players. The firm assists its clients with the development and implementation of their intellectual property and IT strategies. It has developed an extensive practice in IT agreements and data regulation. It appears before judicial bodies, as well as before the administrative offices (INPI). The firm benefits from extensive practice of such specialised litigation and regularly implement actions. The lawyers in the IP/IT and media department use the skills and know-how of the firm's HubMarques service department, dedicated to managing its clients’ intellectual property rights (trademarks and designs). The IP/IT and media team is regularly quoted in professional directories and rankings as among the most performing teams in Paris.
Contact: Frédéric Dumont
Tel: +33 1 53 23 80 00
Email: [email protected]

3 partners: Pierre Deprez, Jean-Christophe André, Philippe Bonnet The economic law department is fully dedicated to supporting its clients economically and commercially. It supports its clients with the choice of the most appropriate structure for each business (franchise networks, exclusive/selective distribution and commercial agents) including in the context of their commercial negotiations, product launches, redeployment of their e-commerce activities and advertising/sales promotion. The firm assists its supplier and distributor clients daily with their commercial and strategic decisions pertaining to the marketing of its products and services or their economic development. The firm helps its clients make their decisions both secure, in terms of the regulatory requirements, and competitive, in their business environment. With its culture deeply seated in results, the firm actively defends its clients before all courts and official bodies in the event of specialised disputes affecting the conduct of their businesses or the marketing of their products.
Contact: Pierre Deprez
Tel: +33 1 53 23 80 00
Email: depr[email protected]

Business & Commercial Litigation & Arbitration:
1 partner: : Olivier Guidoux The civil litigation and arbitration department uses its strong expertise gained from extensive practice of civil litigation cases to assist its clients with all types of civil litigation cases, whether about pre-litigation negotiations or regarding judicial litigation. The firm tries to use, as much as possible, alternative dispute resolutions (conciliation, mediation and arbitration) which are both more efficient and streamlined, often a decisive factor in terms of cost-benefit analysis. The firm's practice of using executive channels, involving high-level commitment on their behalf, means its provide its clients with optimum security and efficiency with regards to the rulings obtained in France and abroad. The firm appears regularly before all French courts, as well as before those in Luxembourg, Monaco and the European Union. With its in-depth experience of such specialised cases, it can, for example, assist executives brought before criminal courts on charges of noncompliance with the specific regulations applying to their sectors. Its expertise in official supervision and criminal proceedings allows the firm to circumvent any risk of prosecution.
Contact: Olivier Guidoux
Tel: +33 1 53 23 80 00
Email: [email protected]

Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions:
2 partners: Ana Reis-Lopes, Grégoire Guignot
The corporate law department assists and structures the corporate law, mergers and acquisitions operations of its clients, ranging from the setting up of their company and/or their group, to any external growth operation, handover or transmission operation. The firm assists its clients daily with corporate law (legal assistance, corporate secretarial duties) with the objective of implementing the best practices, legally, fiscally and socially speaking. The firm also provides assistance and advice in non-recurring transactions, such as external growth transactions or fundraising, for both local and foreign clients.
■Mergers & Acquisitions: Upstream—negotiation of organisational structures, funding, strategy, creation of transfer structures, drafting and negotiating of proceedings (letter of intent, purchase of securities, asset and liability guarantees, ancillary agreements such as services, covenants etc.). Downstream— restructuring acquisitions (social, legal structure, commercial contracts, holding services, etc.)
■Funding, Fundraising & Issuance of Securities: Involvement on either side of the transaction (target or financial investors), taking into account the different issues for both sides. Upstream—letter of intent, investment agreement, drafting deeds (pacts, distribution of internal profitability rate, management package, etc.), issuance of securities (preferred shares, share purchase warrants, bonds with redeemable warrants, bonds redeemable with shares, etc.). Downstream—monitoring the investment Contact: Grégoire Guignot
Tel: +33 1 53 23 80 00
Email: [email protected]

Labour & Employment:
1 partner: Laurent Carrié
The firm assists its clients with human resources issues (restructuring projects—redundancies with job-rescue plans, voluntary redundancy schemes or issues with transfer of staff, collective agreements —statutory annual negotiation, working hours— organisation relating to working hours, cases of sexual or moral harassment, company, high-profile and complex litigation, the status of company executive officers (employment/service contract, unemployment insurance, deferred compensation arrangements) recruitment of employees in France (for foreign companies), union representatives or elected staff representatives or even strikes, dismissal procedures, contract termination, retirement, trial period termination, work permits for foreign citizens, non-compete clauses, intellectual property, geographical mobility etc.), non-standard types of work: fixed-term contracts, temporary work, umbrella companies, freelance workers, employer bodies, etc.).
The firm also provides its clients with legal advice regarding their daily needs, or under special circumstances (restructuring with collective redundancy plan, mergers, acquisitions or sales, transfer operations centering on an autonomous economic entity, personnel transfer as part of a take-over bid for a company in receivership, social audits etc.).
The firm defends its clients before the Labour Courts (redundancy disputes, due process of fixed-term contracts, harassment, discrimination etc.), before criminal courts (following decisions written by work inspectorates or others), before the Civil court (in disputes arising between its clients and workers’ committees), before the Trial Court (objection to the appointment of union delegate or in case of disputes relating to professional elections), and before the administrative courts (objection to dismissal procedures of protected employees). The firm works directly with human resources departments, legal departments, managing directors, for French and international clients. The firm also works with foreign lawyers based in London, Madrid, Milan and New York.