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Managing Partners: Frédéric Donnedieu de Vabres
Number of partners: 21
Number of lawyers: 140
Languages: English, French, German

Firm Overview:
Arsene is the first business law firm in France exclusively specialising in tax. A founding member of the Taxand international network (spanning 50 countries, with 400 partners and 2,000 tax advisors), Arsene is independent and not related to any audit or law firm. Founded in 2004 by Frederic Donnedieu de Vabres and Olivier Vergniolle, Arsene is a true success story. Within 10 years, the firm has positioned itself as a credible alternative to 'Big 4' firms and is considered a high added value firm by the market. Arsene has 140 lawyers and economists, 21 high level partners and has achieved more than EUR 26 million in annual revenues. Thus making the firm one of the top law firms in France from a turnover standpoint. Additionally, Arsene was the fastest growing law firm in France in 2012 (Top 100 law firms in France).

Main Areas of Practice:

Corporate Tax Management:
12 partners
■Arsene supports companies, from SMEs to multinationals
■Tax strategy
■Tax management
■Tax support in the company’s one-time transactions (acquisitions, disposals, restructuring, etc.)
Contact: Olivier Vergniolle
Tel: +33 1 70 38 88 02
Email: [email protected]

M&A & Private Equity:
9 partners
Arsene supports French and foreign groups in:
■Acquisition tax audit/Preparatory tax audit
■Tax advice to optimise the groups’ domestic or multinational growth and internal restructuring operations
■Tax assistance for investment funds in structuring acquisition transactions
■Tax assistance with the fund’s internal structuring
Contact: Denis Andres
Tel: +33 1 70 38 88 04
Email: [email protected]

Real Estate:
3 partners
Arsene real estate team assists developers, investment funds, listed mortgage companies, users, banks and insurers in:
■Setting up of investment funds or investment entities
■Assistance with acquisitions and disposals
■Assistance with the asset management of their operations
Contact: François Lugand
Tel: +33 1 70 38 88 21
Email: [email protected]

Transfer Pricing:
3 partners
Arsene assists large companies and small business companies by:
■The definition and documentation of their transfer pricing policy
■The support in the reorganisations/redeployments of the supply chain and the strategic management of intangible assets
■The defence of their transfer pricing policy against Tax Authorities
Contact: Antoine Glaize
Tel: +33 1 70 38 88 28
Email: [email protected]

Custom & Duties:
1 partner
Arsene assists clients in:
■Obtaining the Authorised Economic Operator status and implementing the required internal control and customs management mechanisms ■Implementing economic customs reliefs and simplified clearance procedures
■Requesting ruling on customs value (combined approach transfer pricing/customs valuation)
■Optimising sourcing procedures
■Implementing import and/or export control procedures
Contact: Marc Brocardi
Tel: +33 1 70 38 88 26
Email: [email protected]

Litigation & Tax investigation:
4 partners
Arsene assists taxpayers (corporations and private individuals) in:
■Tax audit
■Tax litigation
Contact: Roland Schneider
Tel: +33 1 70 38 88 03
Email: [email protected]

Local Taxes:
2 partners
The firm’s team of specialists is integrated into the corporate and tax optimisation management team to:
■Advice throughout the entire life of the corporation (activities liable for taxes, investments, organisation of functions, taxable base management, returns, assistance during reorganisations, impact assessing, assistance during tax audits…)
Contact: Olivier Vergniolle
Tel: +33 1 70 38 88 02
Email: [email protected]

Vat & Indirect Taxes:
2 partners
The firm’s lawyers assists clients in:
■Tax management of the flows relative to goods and services ('supply chain process')
■Optimisation of financial management relative to corporation holdings (VAT/tax on wages)
■Risk audits and engineering of internal control procedures
■Assistance and representation of foreign companies during tax audits and litigations
■Management of intra-Community flows
■Adaptation of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and electronic invoicing.
Contact: Alain Recoules
Tel: +33 1 70 38 88 17
Email: [email protected]

Research & Development:
1 partner
Arsene helps tax directors and research directors:
■'CIR (Research Tax Credit) eligibility determination' service
■'Optimisation of the CIR tax strategy' service
■'CIR mechanism qualification' service
■'Assistance with administrative issues vis-à-vis the Tax Authority' service
Contact: Alain Recoules
Tel: +33 1 70 38 88 17
Email: [email protected]

Corporate Executives:
3 partners
Arsene supports corporate executives and senior profiles, private investors and corporate managers under LBO within the framework of:
■Implementation of compensation tools and alternative compensation methods
■Private investors executives: assistance assignments in tax structuring relative to business property

Private Equity:
Advising managers during the implementation of the management packages or reorganisation at the investment or disinvestment stage
Contact: Frédéric Donnedieu de Vabres
Tel: +33 1 70 38 88 01
Email: [email protected]

Energy & Environment:
2 partners Arsene assists industrialists and investors to understand and anticipate the tax impacts of European and national regulatory policies developments.
Contact: David Chaumontet
Tel: +33 1 70 38 88 07
Email: [email protected]