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Our labor & employment practice encompasses a variety of functional areas working together as a team for our clients. Our success in this area is a byproduct of strong employment litigators and counselors and a deep knowledge of our clients’ industries. Our team of attorneys have experience in single plaintiff and class action litigation and also regularly provides day-to-day counseling on the full range of employment issues.

We have defended clients in federal and state courts against all kinds of labor and employment claims, ranging from individual lawsuits under statutes like the ADA to complex, high-risk class actions asserting wage and hour or discrimination claims. Our lawyers have the experience to put the defense of any employment lawsuit in its proper perspective, viewed from the standpoint of our clients’ fundamental interest in building and maintaining strong relationships with their workforces while reducing risk and managing legal costs.

One of the greatest business risks faced by businesses and organizations today is the wage and hour class action. Indeed, during the past several years, many high profile employers have been hit with class action lawsuits alleging they misclassified associates as exempt, failed to pay for meals and breaks, did not provide seats, and worked associates off the clock. In these suits, the named plaintiffs generally bring causes of action for violations and seek to recover unpaid overtime, waiting time penalties, and attorneys’ fees.


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