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  • Financial Matters- divorce, pre and post nups and spousal support

  • Privacy and Reputation Management

  • Jurisdictional issues- where you can get divorced and claim financial support

  • Novel and technical areas of law- surrogacy, pensions and equal treatment for LGBTI individuals

  • Child law- contact, residence, relocating with children, child support, child abduction

  • Cohabitation- the rights and responsibilities you have when you live with someone (or did)

  • Elder law- inter-generational/tax planning gifting and capacity issues

We have some of the most respected solicitors in the country, who have years of experience and expertise and who are used to working with the best specialists in other, related, disciplines- tax, family office, trust, reputation management, corporate, immigration, property and employment lawyers, accountants, wealth management advisors and trustees.

​Our clients are usually private individuals, but also corporate entities (including partnerships and charities) and trustees. They are often based abroad, even though the issues are about Scots law.

We like getting things resolved. Litigation is rarely the best way, but if it is, we have heavyweight litigation experience ranging from local Sheriff Courts to the Supreme Court. If possible though, we encourage people to try another dispute resolution (DR) method- like mediation & arbitration. No other firm in Scotland can compete with us on the experience in DR that we can offer clients.


Christie, Claire

Edmondson, Alison

Gilmour, Robert

Kelsey, Rachael

Millar, Caroline

Oswald, Susan

Smith, Stephanie

West, John


Family law; Private Client advisory; Reputation management