A number of people have been referred to our firm over recent months who initially had contact with unregulated Will writers.

It may be a surprise to many that no qualifications are required to set up a Will writing business. This means that the standard of advice is patchy.

One of the recurring features we have seen is that people are drawn in to an advert for example “we will draft your Will for £99″ and are then sold a far more expensive package. That package often includes setting up a Trust to try and protect your house should you need long term nursing care later in life. We have seen people charged many thousands of pounds for products which are unlikely to add any great benefit. The drawback however with unregulated Will writers is that if you are unhappy with the service your rights are very limited. There is no regulator to complain to and in most cases the amount at stake is too small to risk court proceedings.

We, as Solicitors, are bound to say that writing a Will and seeking advice on Trusts can involve complicated issues and because of that we would always recommend that you consult a Solicitor on these matters.

If you would like help on preparing a Will or to seek advice on related issues such as how will your house be taken into account should you need nursing home care, please do contact any member of the Tax, Trusts and Estates team on 01273 324041 or[email protected]