D&I Associations


Chambers is delighted to support and share the work of these diversity and inclusion networks for lawyers: 

Diversity Lab
Diversity Lab is an incubator for innovative ideas and solutions that boost diversity and inclusion in law. Experimental ideas are created through hackathons and piloted in collaboration with more than 50 top law firms and legal departments across the country. The Lab leverages data, behavioral science, design thinking, and technology to further develop and test the ideas, measure the results, and share the lessons learned.  Some of their successful pilots include the OnRamp FellowshipThe Mansfield Rule, and OnTrack Sponsorship.
 Urban Lawyers
Urban Lawyers has worked uncompromisingly to provide inspiration and education to a minimum of 10,000 students in order to help them achieve and attain their career goals, and has educated over 13,000 people on their legal rights. Our mission is to provide access to all who have or will come into contact with the legal profession and the law generally. Through our work we allow aspiring barristers and solicitors to discover the legal profession in a way they may not otherwise be able to. We are currently operational in  branches of the following institutions, The College of Law, Sheffield Hallam University, University of West England, the University of Birmingham and the University of Manchester.
 Direct Women
The mission of DirectWomen is to increase the representation of women on corporate boards. DirectWomen identifies leading women lawyers from around the country who are able to provide the experience, independence, business judgment and diversity required for board effectiveness and good corporate governance. It serves as a resource for companies seeking qualified women-attorney board candidates who will improve corporate governance and increase shareholder value.
 Namwolf Chambers Diversity & Inclusion

Founded in 2001, NAMWOLF is a non-profit trade Association dedicated to promoting and enhancing diversity and inclusion in the corporate legal community. While many outstanding organizations also support these efforts, NAMWOLF is the only Association focusing on supplier diversity in the legal profession – an often-overlooked segment in many corporations’ programs. 
NAMWOLF provides corporations, governmental agencies, and other institutions access to highly-skilled law firms certified as minority, woman, and/or LGBTQ owned businesses. Our 195+ carefully-vetted firms have a proven track record of successfully representing clients in a wide-range of substantive matters.  NAMWOLF provides an array of valuable resources to help organizations achieve their legal diversity and inclusion goals. For further information visit www.namwolf.org or contact Clare Grossman, Director of Development, at [email protected].