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Chambers UK Bar 2023 – Call for Submissions

 Discover the unique benefits when ranking in the Chambers UK Bar guide and how a Chambers ranking is beneficial to barristers and chambers.  

Published on 25 November 2021

Win and retain new business with a Chambers ranking

 The Chambers UK Bar Guide and legal rankings aid key decision-makers when looking to buy legal services across the United Kingdom. Our rankings showcase the very best sets and barristers practising in the legal market and are the mark of approval for professionals.  

Chambers research, which reviews, and ranks sets and barristers, provide the most in-depth analysis and coverage to help to instruct solicitors to make informed decisions when looking to instruct for their legal matters.  

A ranking in the Chambers UK Bar guide showcases your excellence in the highly competitive legal market and creates new opportunities to win and retain business.  

The value of a Chambers UK Bar ranking

A recent independent study of over 600 senior legal professionals showed that a Chambers ranking was the ranking in the legal market that was the most important. Over 85% of all respondents said a Chambers ranking helped win new business.   

By also ranking in the Chambers UK Bar guide, your set will have access to independently verified client appraisals, as our research sees our dedicated research team speak with referees, past clients when reviewing and ranking each submission.  

Successful rankings will also benefit up and coming barristers as they will be featured alongside well-established professionals.  

Market-leading rankings
Whether your set works in one or more areas, a Chambers UK Bar ranking helps it distinguish itself in a highly competitive market.
A unique and beneficial marketing opportunity
By ranking in the guide, unique commercial and marketing opportunities are available in the form of ranking badges and editorial content, which can be used across marketing campaigns.
Connect with a global audiences
All ranked in the guide also receive dedicated presence across to connect with our users of legal professionals.

Speak to a member of the Chambers UK Bar Research and Editorial team

James Cowdell Chambers UK Bar Editor
James Cowdell
Head of Research
Contact James
Eleanor Burt Chambers UK Bar Deputy Editor
Eleanor Burt
Research Manager
Contact Eleanor
Eleanor Crundwell Chambers UK Bar Deputy Editor
Eleanor Crundwell
Research Manager
Contact Eleanor
Sam Williamson Chambers UK Bar Deputy Editor
Sam Williamson
Research Manager
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Chambers UK Bar submissions resources

How-to Chambers Webinar
A unique insight into the UK Bar guide and advice on submitting
watch now
Top tips for submissions
A one-page document to help improve your submissions with information such as how to maximise your referee feedback and more
Download now

Download the Chambers UK Bar 2023 submissions kit

Designed to help first-time submitters, and to enhance existing submissions, the Chambers UK Bar team are delighted to provide a dedicated submissions kit for the 2023 edition of the guide. Download now for advice, insights, and details on what makes a successful submission.  

Chambers UK Bar 2022 Stats

The average time spent on set profile pages was 1:09 minutes, demonstrating an audience with a high-interest level were connecting with those ranked.
Users who viewed a rankings table page were spending on average, 4:17 minutes onsite.

Expanded coverage of the UK Bar in the Chambers UK Bar guide 2023

We are committed to expanding our coverage and introducing new practice areas and tables where appropriate. We would welcome any suggestions from the market as to any areas that we could cover.