Chambers Commitment to Smaller Law Firms

At Chambers we are committed to identifying the best law firms globally, whether they consist of 1 lawyer or 100.

We are very aware that boutiques and smaller law firms contain some of the best lawyers, and generate some of the best legal work in the market. Consequently, our processes have evolved over time to accomodate as many excellent small firms and boutiques for ranking consideration as possible, and these firms have felt the benefit of being ranked by Chambers.

We are therefore keen to encourage still greater numbers of specialist and boutique law firms to make submissions to us. We know that the excellence is there, and we wish to highlight it to our global audience of in-house counsel.

“For a newly founded boutique law firm such as ours, differentiation has to be our target. After we were mentioned by Chambers…we have been taken into consideration by very important multinational firms.”
Pérez Quiroz Santroni, Dominican Republic

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How We Research Firms

Our researchers investigate lawyers and law firms in hundreds of legal markets globally. They do this by interviewing in-house lawyers and peers, and assessing the actual work done – deals, cases, etc.

The most important part of our research is feedback from clients. Our 170-strong team of researchers conducts thousands of interviews with clients, market commentators, lawyers, judges and others. Interviewees are selected on the basis of:

a) Submissions put forward by law firms
b) Chambers' extensive database of law firms' clients

We ask about the main qualities valued by clients:

- Commerciality
- Value for money
- Professional conduct
- Commercial astuteness
- Client service
- Diligence
- Industry knowledge
- Commitment
- Technical ability
- Efficiency

The size of your firm is not a consideration

Client interviews are given priority, as they tell us whether lawyers truly provide the services clients want. All interviews are entirely confidential. Most last approximately ten minutes, and any comments clients make remain completely anonymous.

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How We Rank Firms

The most outstanding law firms and lawyers are identified by our research team and placed in ranking bands. These bands range from 1-6, with 1 being the best. In addition, there are further categories in which lawyers can be ranked as exceptional individuals.

Senior Statesman - Lawyers who no longer work hands-on with the same intensity but whose links with key clients make them pivotal to the firm’s success.

Star - Lawyers with exceptional recommendations in their field.

Up and Coming - Lawyers yet to gain an established reputation but who are driving their firm’s growth.

Associates to Watch - Senior associates recognised for their work in the background of major deals.

Star Associate - Associates who demonstrate an outstanding degree of technical and commercial expertise beyond that of their peers.

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The Benefits of Being Ranked By Chambers

The main benefits to smaller firms of being ranked are the same as those for larger firms:

- A Chambers ranking is a testament to the excellence of your services, globally communicated through the distribution of the guides, and by the 200,000+ visits per month to the Chambers website
- Your presence in the Chambers guides places you in front of Chambers’ global audience of in-house counsel

 “What’s interesting about Chambers Latin America is that it covers large and small firms. Our head office finds the guide a valued resource for deciding on which lawyers to contract, as well as to cross-check references.”
Tiago Achcar, Head of Legal, Sygenta Produção de Cultivos, Brazil

“For a company that covers multiple jurisdictions, the use of directories to identify law firms / individuals with specialized expertise is essential. Chambers gives reliable information and is my first choice.”
Mag. Renata Hrnjak, Head of Legal Affairs, Samsung Electronics Austria GmbH

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How In-house Counsel Use Chambers

Clients use the guides mainly as an aid to finding the best legal representation. Chambers’ research methodology identifies the leading law firms and lawyers across 185 jurisdictions globally.

The breadth and depth of information in our guides ensures that they are equally useful at local or international level, and across all practice areas. In particular, clients highlight Chambers’ ability to assist them in the following areas:

- Locating specialist legal expertise in unfamiliar practice areas
- Sourcing legal expertise in unfamiliar jurisdictions
- Finding global legal representation
- Obtaining an independent view of the law firms that they currently use

 “When searching for suitable counsel in countries or practice areas where we do not currently engage counsel we typically start with Chambers to identify a few candidates worthy of further consideration…Chambers is a go-to resource for us.”
Josh Maxfield, Assistant General Counsel, Garmin

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How To Submit Your Firm’s Details

You do not have to complete a submission in order to be ranked. However, they do help significantly as they increase the visibility of your firm or lawyers to our researchers. 

To register for a log-in account in order to start the submissions process, simply email and request one:

For more information on our submissions process, please see Submissions

There is no cost involved in providing us with submissions and no secret formula for writing one, as our submission templates are very straightforward. We hope that we will hear more about your firm and lawyers in the very near future.

For further information, please email Chambers Commercial Director Matthew Phillips.

"We have not, in the past, submitted material about our firm to Chambers. So I am even more complimented that our 'boutique' firm and its attorneys have been included in Chambers’ rankings. Now that I understand the process, we will provide Chambers with more information about us, including references.”
Clifford M Greene, Greene Espel PLLP, USA

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Additional Testimonials

“Chambers and Partners has been an excellent partner in presenting our boutique law firm to many international clients all over the world…recognizing not only big law firms but also law firms that provide personalized service to their clients like ours.”
ARSIS Consulting, Bulgaria

“Exposure in a prestigious and comprehensive edition such as the Chambers Guide is extremely important for the development of every ambitious law firm, and especially a smaller, boutique company such as Pavlov & Co that doesn’t have the marketing power and channels of large, international firms and big local multi-practice companies.”
Pavlov & Co, Bulgaria

“Large law firms are easy to identify, but it takes more work to find the impressive small firms. Please continue your efforts in that regard. Many clients are looking for small firm alternatives to the mega firms.”
Thomas Ajamie, Ajamie LLP, USA

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