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Managing Partners: Management Committee
Number of partners: 15
Number of lawyers: 26

Firm Overview:
Since 1977, Bullard Law has partnered with employers providing them with services in labor law, public sector labor and employment law, employment litigation and employee benefits law. A Pacific Northwest leader, Bullard’s exceptional performance includes employment defense verdicts in tough discrimination litigation cases as well as active participation to prevent ‘would-be’ claims. The firm’s experience spans across all industries and remains extensive. Its capacity for private and public sector bargaining and NLRB work is unmatched. Bullard Law attorneys work side-byside with clients to minimize risks and avoid problems before they happen.

Affiliation with WORKLAW® Network:
The firm is proud to be a member of the Worklaw® Network, a nationwide network of highly regarded independent management-side labor and employment law firms. Worklaw® Network ( currently has over 350 attorneys practicing in 34 offices in the United States and Canada. The network also includes affiliate members in Australia, China, Europe and Mexico. This network provides access to a common computer data bank of briefs and research giving clients up-to-date and time saving information that is needed to make important decisions.

Main Areas of Practice:

Labor Law:

■ Collective bargaining negotiations
■ Grievance and arbitration
■ Legal strategic advice to company negotiators
■ Contract disputes
■ Numerous petitions and unfair labor practice charges in Oregon, Washington and California
■ All aspects of the NLRA, including unfair labor practice proceedings, Union Election Campaigns, strike management and decertification efforts
■ Public sector labor law
■ Contract administration

Employment Litigation:
■ Employment discrimination and harassment claims, with extensive experience before state, federal and appellate courts as well as administrative agencies 
■Claims arising out of pre-employment tests, screening procedures and drug and alcohol testing
■ Wrongful discharge litigation and related ‘tort and contract claims’ brought by employees and unions
■ Whistleblower and retaliation claims
■ Wage and hour claims, advice and defense, including unsurpassed class/collective suit experience 
■ Reductions in force
■ ERISA, PERS, and fringe benefit litigation
■ Complex employment-related business litigation
■ Family and medical leave, disability accommodation, and injured worker claims
■ Appellate cases
■ Non-compete agreements and departing employee disputes
■ Private sector and public sector labor-related claims and litigation before the NLRB, ERB and federal courts

Employee Benefits:
■ Document drafting – plan documents and summaries, trust documents, forms and notices for retirement plans, executive compensation and health and welfare plans 
■ Advice regarding plan administration and fiduciary duties, taxation and reporting requirements
■ Regulatory issues with the IRS, US Dept. of Labor and Health & Human Services, state Labor Bureaus and Insurance Divisions
■ Employee benefit plan litigation
■ Designing benefit and compensation packages
■ HIPAA compliance and documentation for portability, privacy and security rules

Preventative Employment Advice & Training:
■ Employment law advice and training
■ State and federal regulations of employment 
■Employee handbooks, personnel policies and practice
■ Trade Secrets, Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreements
■ Employment, independent contractor and Separation Agreements

Representative Clients:
Bullard Law represents public and private employers in a variety of industries including but not limited to: hospitals and healthcare facilities; Oregon and Washington cities, counties and local governments; financial and professional service firms; fire districts; non-profits; manufacturing; agriculture and food processing; consumer goods; retail; utilities; and transportation.