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Estudio Jurídico Otero

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Managing Partner: Gerardo Otero
Number of partners: 4
Number of associates: 9

Firm Overview:
Estudio Jurídico Oterowas founded by Mr. José A. Otero B. in 1923. On the return of Mr. Miguel Otero L. in 1957 from the US, upon completing his LLM in Comparative Law, the firm initiated its international law practice — counselling international corporations and foreign investors doing business in Chile. The firm has nearly 60 years of experience assisting local and multinational enterprises doing business in Chile and the region. Due to the quality of its services and its relationship with clients Estudio Jurídico Otero is known as a boutique law firm. Attorneys have been trained in such a way that the working system, legal approach and performance permanently reflects a highly qualified, personalised and efficient service. It provides a complete range of corporate and business legal services in: commercial matters, corporate, technology law, IP, privacy, labour and employment law, civil, environmental, natural resources and energy, regulated markets, antitrust, telecommunication, foreign investment regulations and taxation. The firm specialises in IP, IT, licensing and software development agreements, data centres, privacy, telecoms and computer crimes. It is very active and well known in litigation matters, with vast experience in law suits of different kinds and complex business litigation including those related with regulated activities. Furthermore, the firm is an expert in labour and employment law with a vast experienced in labour due diligences, labour auditing and legal compliance and subcontracting.

Estudio Jurídico Otero has developed close relationships and contacts with prestigious law firms worldwide. The firm is a member of ILP Global, an association that includes Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico and Peru; which seeks to satisfy clients’ requirements under a uniform proceeding, criteria, business vision, quality standards, without losing neither the identity of each law firm, nor the particularity of each jurisdiction. It is also a member of E-Iure, with 18 law firm worldwide.

Main Areas of Practice:

Civil, Business, Corporate:
Experienced and resourceful attorneys prioritise wise and commercial solutions within a legal framework. They also have vast experience in foreign investment matters and M&A transactions involving foreign and domestic clients. A main concern being that transactions are done within the time and cost parameters set by the clients, without omitting details in the adequate outliner of contracts and shareholder agreements arising from these transactions. The assistance offers by attorneys embraces all aspects necessary to establish and develop activity.

Information Technology, Intellectual Property & Telecoms:
The firm is highly specialised in licensing and software development agreements, technological platforms, data protection and data processing, data centres, privacy policies, technology contracts, cloud services, copyright, Internet computer crimes and policy enforcement management on matters affecting the IT areas: privacy, telecoms, net neutrality, software, copyright industries, etc. It provides advice on preserving and protecting intellectual property rights, as well as, tax matters in IP and other closely related issues such as: unfair competition, consumer protection law, antitrust, data protection compliance. The firm pays special attention to the IT and IP areas and has seasoned professionals with specialised studies abroad in the is specific area of law, such as the Head of the IT & IP Area: Macarena López. Also the firm was and is involved in major TMT projects regarding national and international clients. The firm is very active and well known in TMT, with vast experience in all kind of IT, IP and TMT area and market.

The firm is an expert in labour and employment law with a vast experience in labour due diligences, labour auditing and legal compliance, and subcontracting. Estudio Jurídico Otero is a leader in legal counselling on HR; providing advice in all areas of labour and social security law, including collective bargaining, lawsuits, remunerations and benefits, audits, corporate restructuring. Consultancy experience as well as labour lawsuits and administrative claims are strengths recognised by important Chilean and foreign companies, with whom the firm creates and develops harmonious labour relationships with full respect for the powers of direction and organisation of the company.

Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution:
The firm is very active and well known in litigation, with vast experience in all kind of judicial proceedings and complex business litigation including those related with regulated activities.

Foreign Investment:
Professionals perform a detailed study and analysis of the different mechanisms of foreign investment and alternative corporate structure and tax efficiency appropriate to the needs of foreign investors in compliance to the national applicable legislation, free trade agreements and double taxation agreements. The firm can also represent clients on the integration process in the country of expatriate executives for foreign clients. Services in this area include advising on all types of commercial, distribution, agency, joint venture and leasing contracts, required by its clients’ business relations in Chile. The firm assists in the negotiation of these contracts between clients and potential local partners or distributors.

Competition, Unfair Law:
The firm has been involved in many relevant cases of regulated market openings in Chile and applies itself with the same daily dedication to answer queries which go from the acquisition of large companies to the adjustment of a contract to the legal applicable regulations to guarantee the transparency and competitiveness of the markets. The firm advises in all areas of competition law and unfair competition in connection with copyright industries and intellectual property rights.

Environmental Law, Energy & Natural Resources:
Estudio Jurídico Otero is aware of the international trends in this area, and the importance of sustained development of environmental laws in Chile and its requirements. As such, the firm pay special attention to the environmental and natural resources areas. In the energy field, the firm participated in getting licenses, bidding, and implementation of projects. Also, the firm are involved in the financing of major projects, purchase and sale contracts and in potential conflicts that arise in the various fields of the activity.

Languages: English, Spanish.

Local and multinational companies. A complete list is available upon request.