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Chairman: Keith Schilling
Number of partners: 16
Number of lawyers: 34
Number of consultants: 26

Firm Overview:
Your reputation and privacy are paramount, so when it comes to a crisis or an ongoing need, there’s no room for doubt. Schillings is the only business in the world to deploy — under one roof — intelligence experts, investigators, cyber specialists, risk consultants, lawyers and senior people from the military, banking and government. By operating as a single team, they shorten the time between investigating a problem and solving it. When there’s a crisis they run point by deploying their combined experience in intelligence, investigations, cyber, risk and law to zero in on the source of your problem and fix it.

Schillings’ family team advises those whose wealth is often spread across multiple jurisdictions. Their approach combines legal rigour with the utmost sensitivity and discretion to protect your interests at the most difficult of times.

Main Areas of Practice:
Schillings helps you gain control when faced by the most common threats in this fast moving, unpredictable world. Including, but not limited to:

Media Attention:
Investigations by the media, defamation, libel and unlawful breaches of privacy.

Privacy Threats:
Threats to personal privacy and security: social, physical, digital, commercial and financial. Family Issues: Divorce, children, pre- and post-nuptial arrangements, financial remedies, succession planning and family disputes. Insider Threats: Disgruntled employees, infiltrators or bad leavers leaking or exploiting private or confidential information.

Cyber Attack:
Hacking, data loss, incident response and data protection issues. Extortion: Blackmail attempts, ransom demands and thefts of intellectual property.

Compliance Red Flags:
Problems with compliance, on-boarding at banks and source of wealth questions Damaging Relationships: Worries about potential business partners, new family members, brand ambassadors, senior hires and philanthropic associations.

Hostile Campaigns:
Damaging action by protesters, bloggers, NGOs and lobby groups.

Smear Campaigns:
Co-ordinated action by activist investors, speculators, competitors and other rivals.

Online Impersonation:
Attempts by others to impersonate you or steal your identity.

■ Chairman, Senior Partner: Keith Schilling
■ Chief Exec., Partner: Rod Christie-Miller
■ Partner, Head of Legal: Rachel Atkins
■ Partner, Head of Family: Davina Katz
■ Partner: Jenny Afia
■ Partner: Tim Robinson
■ Partner: Magnus Boyd
■ Partner: David Imison
■ Partner: Allan Dunlavy
■ Partner: David Greer
■ Partner: Jeremy Eakin
■ Partner: Amy Pope
■ Partner: John Chase
■ Partner: Chris Scott
■ COO, Partner: Christopher Mills
■ CFO, Partner: Andrew Meyrick