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Number of partners: 9
Number of other lawyers: 35

The Firm:
Zürcher Odio & Raven is a leading full service law firm and among the largest in Costa Rica. Since its foundation in 1936, Zürcher Odio & Raven brings together the expertise and resources that large and mid-market companies, — both domestic and international — from diverse industries, need to support successful development in Costa Rica and throughout the region. In addition, the firm has extensive experience with financial institutions and public agencies, as well as personal legal services for individual executives. Attorneys have a unique combination of international business knowledge and commercial experience. The firm and its attorneys are strategic in their thinking, practical and business-results focused. Zürcher Odio & Raven has increased its presence in areas where it was already a key player, such as litigation, real estate development, banking, public procurement and infrastructure projects, and it has also been able to widen its scope to highly specialised fields, as in the case of intellectual property rights enforcement, international trade law, aerial and maritime transport, energy, telecommunications, software and digital trade.

Main Areas Of Practice:

Real Estate & Tourism Project Development:
Real estate development and tourism has become one of the most active areas; and the firm’s specialised team has been involved in a very large number of residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

Banking, Finance & Securities:
The firm has a large number of financial institutions amongst its permanent clients. Zürcher Odio & Raven has substantial experience in all forms of financial contracts, banking and brokerage, leasing, commodity and financial derivatives for hedging, speculation and arbitration, and benefits from a wealth of knowledge in the contractual and regulatory aspects of operations, and their impact in exchange, tax and financial law.

Regulation, Administrative & Constitutional Law:
The firm’s team is amongst the best in this area ad has participated in major recent projects related to project law. The team has long-standing experience in government procurement, administrative regulations and constitutional law has grown into expert legal advice in public work concessions, tourism concessions, private/public sector partnership and joint ventures, public project finance and infrastructure development. It also has extensive experience in sanctioning public law, with special focus in competition law.

Litigation in both judicial and arbitration venues has been an area of noticeable expansion of the firm. High rates of success in civil law, commercial law, constitutional law and complex international cases have attracted clients seeking the highest quality advice in very specialised and complex law suits. The firm clearly benefits form the presence of three former Supreme Court Justices, an experienced litigation team and the teamwork of the highest specialised knowledge of its non-litigation members.

Intellectual Property:
Zürcher IP has a full range of resources and experience in trademark, patent and copyright law to protect your rights in Costa Rica and manage your intellectual property portfolio throughout Central America. The firm firm is equally skilled in transactions and litigation, with capabilities for the commercial development and enforcement of your IP, such as regulatory approvals, licenses for doing business, import or export licenses, manufacturing and distribution arrangements, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, infringement actions and anti-counterfeiting measures.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Law:
Zürcher Odio & Raven has extensive experience advising multinational companies from all across the globe. The corporate law department understands the different concerns that clients have regarding corporate governance, tax issues, day to day business operation concerns, etc. The team has also been active in some of the largest mergers and acquisitions in Costa Rica, in the last years, taking part in complex due diligences, acquisition finance, and negotiation and structuring of deals and agreements. The team also has experience in share offers and takeovers, project finance, and international financial transactions. Also, the team of the area of competition provides a great synergy that facilitates merger authorisation processes.

Foreign Investment & International Trade:
The firm is recognised as an authority in the area specializing in foreign direct investment and international trade, including WTO, CACM, and all FTAs in force. An experienced team offers advice on safeguards, anti-dumping and compensatory measures, export and import quotas and tariff-rate quotas, trade and customs proceedings, tariff and non-tariff barriers, investment incentives, free trade regime application (Zonas Francas,) etc.

Energy, Telecom & IT:
Among the firm’s clients there are some of the largest players in the telecommunications and energy sectors. In telecommunications the firm is a major force in the market, having directed some of the most renowned cases before the Telecommunications Superintendence. In the area of energy, the firm regularly advises large operators in the areas of wind, hydroelectric and photovoltaic energy. The firm understands the different contracting structures such as EPCs and PPAs and has the knowledge in order to find solutions for its clients which comply with local requirements.

Transport Law:
The team has experience in international air and maritime transportation, port and airport development, ground handling, and others. The team has advised clients in maritime, air and land transportation matters, all kinds of contracts regarding transportation services, representation and insurance, registration and arrest of vessels and aircraft, and applications to obtain operation licenses and public services concessions.

Industry Experience:
Agrochemical, aviation, apparel, banking and financial services, capital markets and venture capital, construction, cosmetics, electric and electronics, energy, oil and gas, franchising, food industry, manufacturing, medical, media and entertainment, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, real estate, retail, services, software, spirits and wines, telecoms, tourism, others.

The firm’s experience and wide range of services enables it to represent different types of clients and understand their specific needs. Among its client portfolio there are large and medium size companies, both national and multinational, start-ups and specialised smaller companies, professional associations, financial institutions, public offices and individuals.