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Managing Partner: Mauricio Villeda Bermúdez
Senior Partners: Bradford K O’Neill and Mauricio Villeda Jr
Number of partners: 3
Number of other lawyers: 10

Name: Mauricio Villeda Bermúdez
Email: [email protected]
Name: Mauricio Villeda Jr.
Email: [email protected]
Name: Bradford K. O’Neill
Email: [email protected]

Firm Overview:
GUFA LAW is one of the most renowned and prestigious law firms in Honduras in corporate, tax, administrative, mining and energy fields. Founded in 1974, the firm has been in the Honduran market for more than 40 years, a symbol of experience, excellence and ethics that has granted to the firm international recognition all over the world. Its vision is very clear: to become the local partner that clients and investors have been looking for – and, most likely, they will.

GUFA Law was built with six values at its core: ethics, teamwork, transparency, respect for people and clients and tradition and dynamism, being the first value the one that guides and inspires the rest. Since the very first moment, clients will realise that professionalism, efficiency and quickness can be accomplished if things are done properly and by the right people. GUFA Law believes that their team should have, not only the best and the highest valued lawyers in the market, but also people you can rely on in this country. Every client is treated equally and in a personalised manner, and at GUFA Law it is a priority to make sure that each person is treated with the finest attention throughout their legal process.

Finally, thanks to the closeness, transparency and ethical manners through which everything is done, clients find in GUFA Law the firm they go-to when they are looking for advice, investment opportunities, strategic meetings or certain connections in fields that they aren’t familiar with.

Industries Served:
In the past years, GUFA Law has successfully worked in the industries of agriculture, banking, capital markets, construction, energy and clean technologies, entertainment and leisure, financial services, franchise and distribution, free trade zones, hospitality, human resources, industrial, infrastructure, manufacturing, natural resources and mining, real estate, retail and consumer products, technology and venture capital, among others.

Main Areas of Practice:
GUFA Law has been known for their exceptional work in general business law, energy (wind, sun, hydro), mining (metallic and non-metallic concessions), labour law, sanitary registration of products (cosmetics, medicine, food, agrochemicals), public private partnerships, tax law, mergers and acquisitions, administrative law and intellectual property law, among others.

Some of GUFA Law’s international and national clients are AIG, Church of Jesus Christ, Sorgente, Royal Caribbean, Gran Solar, Electrum, Arla Foods, Diamonds International and Standard Fruit Company, among others.