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Vergara y Cía

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Senior Partners: Alejandro Vergara Blanco, Daniela Rivera Bravo, Gonzalo Muñoz Escudero
Number of partners: 3
Number of other lawyers: 5

Firm Overview:
Vergara y Cía. is a leading boutique firm with an adviser consultant profile, founded in 1994. With over 25 years of solid experience, Vergara y Cía. has a team of lawyers specialised in administrative, water, mining, energy and natural resources.

Areas of Practice:
Energy & Natural Resources: Power: 25%
Energy & Natural Resources: Water: 30%
Energy & Natural Resources: Mining: 10%
Public Law: 20%
Litigation: 15%

Main Areas of Practice:
Vergara y Cía. is characterised by its flexible and independent legal advice. This includes assessments consulting, law reports, suggesting defence strategies or assuming them directly, among others.

The firm's specialised expertise allows it to initiate action and defence in courts and administrative agencies, studies of securities, licenses or apply for permits and support specialists in litigation and corporate studies.

Study members complement their professional activity with an active academic participation, publishing numerous books and articles in national and foreign journals.

The firm’s views involve a relevant activity in scientific and national public policy debates, which are expressed in lectures, seminars and conferences.

International Work:
Vergara y Cía. has an international partnership with the law firm Cassagne Abogados, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Vergara y Cía.'s multilingual lawyers are able to work with non-Spanish speaking clients, especially in English.

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