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We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in the type of high-stakes litigation that requires complex, team-based, organizational communication and trial presentation skills. Our firm's history is highlighted by successful representation of business clients in litigating disputes that involve multiple parties, large witness counts, large volumes of documents, complex electronic information and e-discovery, lengthy trials, complicated factual issues, and in those suits in which the most sensitive critical principles must be sustained.

With one of the largest litigation practices of any firm in central Ohio, our carefully crafted litigation teams efficiently accomplish the broad array of tasks involved in preparing and presenting these complex lawsuits while never losing sight of the fact that litigation costs should always be controlled.

We have experience representing clients in every area of complex litigation, often involving anti-competitive conduct; breaches of agreements, company policies or practices relating to customers, employees or suppliers; CERCLA environmental claims; and large construction disputes of all types.

We also represent business clients in disputes relating to all aspects of the laws governing business competition. From civil litigation, including class actions, to criminal prosecution or investigations involving federal or state enforcement authorities, we have experienced attorneys with the expertise to represent you in these matters.


Cohen, Robert (Head of Department)

Beehler, Jason

Fuhrer, Loriann E.

Hill, Thomas W

Sugarman, Roger P