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Sandart & Partners is a business law firm with expertise in litigation, dispute resolution and contracts. Many of our clients are companies in industries where intellectual property and knowledge are at focus. We also provide advice and represents our clients in marketing law matters, competition law matters and regulatory matters.

Intellectual Property:

We work in all fields of intellectual property: patents, copyright, designs, trade marks, and company names. We are one of the few law firms in Sweden that regularly handles disputes throughout the entire intellectual property field. In addition, we have extensive experience of dealing with contracts regarding intellectual property. Therefore, our firm is constantly ranked among Sweden’s leading law firms within this discipline. Our successful recruitment strategy and our lawyers' active role in intellectual property associations, legislative committees and the academy ensure that we will maintain this position also in the future. Our clients within intellectual property matters are large and medium-sized companies, inter alia in the fields of medicine, biotechnology, telecommunications and other high-end technology. Further, we represent rightsholders when it comes to music, art and literature.


Antonsson, Göran

Bladh Redzic, Anna

Cederlund, Karin

Eklöf, Dan

Ericsson, Julia

Granqvist, Amanda

Josefsson, Rasmus

Kax, Sofia

Kylhammar, Anders

Lindholm, Johanna

Morin, Linn

Näsman, Jonas

Rättzén, Mattias

Sandart, Dag

Sande, Peter

Westerberg, Karin

Yng, Sara