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Managing Partner: Gustavo Viseu
Senior Partners: Carla Rahal, Carlos Eduardo Navarro, Fernanda Horovitz Frankel, Gustavo Artese, Luis Gustavo Paiva Leão, Luis Rodrigo Almeida, Manoel Inacio Torres Monteiro, Paulo Bardella Caparelli, Renata Saluh, Ricardo Martins Motta, Carla Freire Silverio, Carlos Barreto
Number of partners: 12 Number of lawyers: 120

Gustavo Viseu
Corporate, Contracts & M&A: Paulo Bardella Caparelli and Manoel Inacio Torres Monteiro
Criminal Corporate Law & White-Collar Crime: Carla Rahal
Consumer Law: Ricardo Martins Mota and Carlos Barreto
Civil & Family Law: Fernanda Horovitz Frankel
Contracts: Gustavo Viseu
Digital Law: Gustavo Artese, Luis Gustavo Paiva Leão
Labour: Renata Saluh
Real Estate: Luis Rodrigo Almeida
Secondment: Carla Freire Silverio
Tax: Carlos Eduardo Nacarro and Luis Augusto Gomes

Firm Overview:
Viseu Advogados is a multidisciplinary, innovative and contemporary law firm.
For 25 years, the firm aim to establish relationships, committed with the defence of the interests and anticipating the clients’ needs through a personalised and direct service policy. The team of almost 150 lawyers is on constantly updating of the business and legislation and deeply tuned to the company’s daily life.
The positioning of strategic partnership with clients translates this contemporary model by aligning experience, multidisciplinary and global vision with creative solutions. Strategies are developed with understanding and proximity to the partners and collaborators to generate the best solutions and the expected economic efficiency to the client.
The firm has a contemporary vision and strategic solutions. Viseu Advogados: ahead of its time.

Main Area of Practice:
Corporate & M&A:
Criminal Corporate Law & White-Collar Crime: 5%
Consumer Law: 14% Civil Law: 6%
Contracts: 12%
Digital Law: 11%
Family Law: 3%
Labour: 8%
Real Estate: 11%
Secondment: 2%
Tax: 14%

Corporate & M&A:
Viseu Advogados corporate and M&A team is well known for its expertise in all daily corporate aspects and in the buying and selling of companies from different markets, Brazilian or foreign entities. The team have a deep knowledge on providing legal services related to the formation of various types of companies in mergers, spin-offs and consolidations, associations, initial public offerings, among others. The team has experience in in cross-border M&A transactions involving the USA and Europe.

Criminal Corporate Law & White-Collar Crime:
The criminal corporate law and white-collar crime area is able to offer full assistance to clients, covering all matters arising from this sector mainly digital, technology and crimes and frauds attached to corporate activities as unfair competition and intellectual property frauds. The team analyses each demand and offers a tailor-made solution, aligned with the sensibility of the subject with a constant and close interaction with the client. The department can represent companies and private clients alike, both at domestic and international level.

Consumer Law:
This department is well-equipped to cover the full spectrum of product liability issues, including recalls and advertising strategies and we have a dedicated e-commerce and digital compliance division that handles complex, groundbreaking cases. The team attends a diverse clientele that comes from a wide range of sectors such as the wholesale, finance, technology, tourism and automobile.

Civil & Family Law:
Viseu litigation team is well known for its highly skilled professional and its large experience on civil and commercial proceedings in all levels (federal, state and municipal). The litigation department practice comprises a variety of subjects regarding this area as in corporate, tax, real estate, contracts, family, wealth management and labor practices.

Viseu Advogados’ commercial contracts team is highly specialised in negotiating, analysing and drafting commercial contracts from various legal fields, assisting clients in interpreting and simplifying contractual issues. The work is multidisciplinary and aligned with the corporate, tax, corporate criminal (compliance) and civil teams.

Digital Law:
Viseu’s well-known technology and digital law team has a deep knowledge on providing legal services for several IT companies. The team is composed of professionals with different backgrounds who can deal with all technology matters regarding cyberspace, electronic and digital data, certificates, electronic contracts, prevention of frauds and implementation of DLP projects. The department is able to provide a range of legal services as mobile start-ups and establishment of telecom companies in Brazil; electronic and information technology law; internet fraud; systems security procedures; legal protection for intellectual assets and database; electronic contracts certificates and digital signatures; consulting, preventing and litigious electronic law and data legal protection (dlp) projects.

The labour department is able to deal with labour consulting, labor planning and training. In the litigation area, the department leads with individual suits, class actions (filed by labour unions or other interest groups) and public civil actions (filed by public authorities). The work involves preparation of court papers and presentation of oral arguments at all three levels of jurisdiction of the labour justice system (local trial courts, regional appellate courts and the Superior Labor Tribunal at the top).

Real Estate:
The real estate team works in a multidisciplinary way, acting closely with other departments of the firm, and is able to provide complete advice, covering all issues that can arise from complex real estate matters. The department can provide a full range of real estate services, covering transactional matters, litigation, day-to-day counselling and wealth management for family companies with income producing properties. The team have noteworthy experience in due diligences, real estate transactions, purchase and sale of land and property acquisition, for developers, construction companies, investment funds and (single and multi) family offices, both at national and local levels.

Viseu Advogados has a special area focused on providing secondment services for its clients. The legal secondment is the allocation of one or more attorneys to the client company for a period, which may or may not be extended. The department build a closer relationship with the client firm because they are side by side in their daily lives and can help them more quickly in their daily routines, decision-making and the prevention of legally hazardous situations.

The tax team can provide a full support to investors, pursuing legal assurance with positive approach to their transactions. The team is pragmatic, direct and creative through the negotiation, structuring, drafting, implementation of tax structure on corporate projects in Brazil. The department provides the full array of tax services, however the bulk of the firm’s workload encompasses M&A transactions, litigation, due diligences and restructuring, as well as day-to-day advice. The team has a strong presence in the cosmetic industry, one of the most taxed sectors in Brazil, attending companies in all the supply chain.
The team has a strong performance within the Tax Courts in Brazil, being responsible for several leading cases and the issuance of many inedited decisions (precedents) in Federal Tax Court of Appeal of São Paulo as well as in the Superior Court of Justice ('STJ').

Viseu Advogados team worked in cross-border M&A transactions involving the USA and Europe. Those deals involved American and European companies looking to expand their operations in Brazil.

English, Portuguese, Spanish

The firm's clients come from a wide range of sectors, including insurance, oil and gas, perfumes and cosmetics, marketing, technology, wholesale, finance services and health care.