Veracity Worldwide

New York Office

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CEO: Steven Fox
Key Personnel: David Stevens, Ben Weiss, Brook Jerue, William Hannay, Nathaniel Houghton
Select countries/regions with deep expertise: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Vietnam, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, GCC Countries
Number of employees: 15 + advisors
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish

Overview & History:
Veracity is a boutique business intelligence firm with a focus on large-scale investments, transactions, and disputes. Drawing on 14 years of experience across 140 countries and over 2,000 projects, Veracity tailors each engagement to a client’s specific questions and needs to help them make sense of and navigate complex risk- and ESG-related issues.
Veracity’s work is guided by a few core questions: Who is really behind the company or organisation under investigation? What political connections might there be? How were licenses acquired? What are the specific ESG issues? What information is critical in a dispute?
Veracity’s on-the-ground, high-value networks enable clients to anticipate and manage the myriad risks of operating in challenging or opaque environments. The firm’s services are designed to complement existing resources by providing reliable insights, actionable analysis, and solutions-oriented results that protect clients’ reputations and assets.
The firm’s custom-tailored solutions also help to discern information that may be contradictory or not readily obtainable.
■ Veracity works regularly with both the transaction and litigation practices of major international law firms, and with corporate and financial sector clients.
■ Veracity gathers high-value strategic intelligence to help resolve impasses and disputes, and demystifies complex decision-making processes on a wide range of issues.
All projects are managed by experienced principals complemented by world-class advisors with expertise in specific regions and sectors.


Complex Investigations
Veracity helps clients navigate the unexpected, keeping them ahead of potential issues through evidence identification and verification, witness assessment and vetting, asset tracing and recovery, and due diligence into questions of consequence alongside legal counsel.

Shareholder Activists
When a target company faces a shareholder activist, the firm digs deep to understand the activist’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as of any proposed directors. Veracity also conducts due diligence on a given client’s own directors and executives so that the client might best understand and address any internal vulnerabilities.

M&A Due Diligence
For cross-border M&A, Veracity identifies issues of potential reputational, political, or regulatory concern, and fills in knowledge gaps to provide comprehensive on-theground intelligence that complements clients’ existing legal expertise. The firm is expert at conducting sophisticated integrity due diligence and comprehensive ESG reviews. Veracity has supported large-scale M&A transactions in the telecommunications sector in both Africa and Asia.

FCPA, Anti-Corruption, and Sanctions
Veracity brings unparalleled knowledge related to license issuance and undisclosed parties, and conducts the deep vetting necessary in high-risk transactions and partnerships. When basic checks turn up red flags or concerns about sanctions violations, the firm digs further to address them one by one. Veracity has helped to uncover and untangle complex webs of corruption across multiple jurisdictions, often through multi-stage investigations.

High-Profile and Distressed Asset Disputes
Veracity assists clients throughout the lifecycle of a dispute. The firm has developed deep understanding of legal parameters, which allows its teams to anticipate and effectively meet client needs at every stage of a matter – whether active litigation, international arbitration, or settlement enforcement. The firm is regularly asked to identify assets, especially those associated with Chinese companies in the context of disputes.

ESG-Related Advisory
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have taken center stage for companies, investors, and stakeholders. Especially for global businesses, an accurate assessment of ESG-related risks across jurisdictions and global operations is essential. Veracity understands the unique contours of each component and is able to provide companies with the confidence they need to maintain their social license to operate. This begins with stakeholder mapping and identifying the most salient areas of concern. The firm then investigates those concerns, analyzes them, and places them in a comparative context, thereby enabling executives and boards to make better-informed decisions.