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Managing Partner: Ricardo Rabello Soriano de Mello, Afonso Vaz Lobato and João Carlos Addario Junior.
Senior Partners: Reynaldo Andrade da Silveira, Jorge Alex Athias, Juarez Rabello Soriano de Mello, Ricardo Rabello Soriano de Mello, Pedro Bentes Pinheiro Filho, Fernando Facury Scaff and Afonso Vaz Lobato.
Number of partners: 29
Number of other lawyers: 108

Firm Overview:
Silveira, Athias, Soriano de Mello, Guimarães, Pinheiro & Scaff - Advogados is a corporate law firm that meets the demands from small companies to large corporations, in various areas of law. The law firm has also extensive experience in the implementation of major economic, mining and environmental projects in the Amazon, attending both national and international investors. Founded in 1981 in Belém (PA), Silveira, Athias, Soriano de Mello, Guimarães, Pinheiro & Scaff - Advogados has a wide geographical presence and has several units spread across cities in Brazil, that are located in the North, Northeast, Southeast and the Federal District, representing its clients in litigation and legal advisory in areas such as environmental, tax, mining, labor, civil, commercial, corporate and corporate criminal matters.

Main Areas of Practice:
Advice for the Implementation of Projects in Amazonia:

The firm has extensive experience in advising on the implementation of economic projects, in addition to having knowledge of the singularities of the region. It has a multidisciplinary team that deals with different areas of law and always with a view to serving the entrepreneur’s interests within sustainable development standards.

Environmental, Land & Mining Law:
The firm has experience in handling environmental and mining issues in general and in Amazonia in particular, with extensive practice in actions related to the implementation and operation of mining projects, genetic resources, whether or not associated to traditional knowledge, forest management, fishing, agrarian and agroindustrial issues, with the effective participation in the follow-up of administrative procedures, including administrative defenses, environmental licensing processes, public hearings, implementation of mineral easements and mining rights in general, as well as those with judicial nature, always with a focus on the results obtained and the objectives of its clients.

Civil, Commercial & Consumer Law:
The civil area has extensive experience in litigation, which includes several other law segments, on the most diverse matters, such as corporate, civil law (notably liability matters), contracts, insurance, banking, bankruptcy and judicial recovery, credit, family and succession, administrative, bids and possessions. Another area of activity includes crisis management. In the family and succession law area, the firm has a qualified team and internationally renowned consultants. The practice can be both in consultative law, including business and estate succession planning, as well as in litigation related to issues such as divorce, custody of minors, alimony and inventory, as well as notary law issues.

Labour & Trade Union Law:
The labour area is structured to serve companies from any size, including small companies and those with mass demand. It is able to absorb a large number of proceedings simultaneously in issues where a large number of people require its services. Its professionals are qualified to defend the interests of companies in any part of the Legal Amazonia, providing technological support to feed the internal proceeding control programs of its clients, regardless of the control and registration within its own program, which may be accessed online through a password. The experience acquired through audits in the proceedings of large companies emphasizes the preventive activity, which is how the firm seeks to provide services for its clients. It operates in the individual and collective bargaining area by defending various economic categories (in the collective area). It also has a labor settlement unit designed to fight the companies’ labor liabilities.

Tax Law:
The firm is composed of specialized professionals with proven experience in the tax, counseling and/or litigation area in all administrative and judicial spheres, related to federal, state and municipal taxes, notably tax planning, customs consultations, special tax and customs systems, free trade zones, tax and financial incentives, administrative proceedings before Administrative Courts and Council of Taxpayers, legal actions in general, tax recovery, due diligence, and legal opinions to advise its clients.

Corporate Criminal Law:
The main focus is on the defense and prevention of corporate crimes that may correspondingly affect other areas of Law in which our firm also practices, such as tax, environmental, corporate, consumer, labor, social security and financial law. We also practice before State and Federal Courts and Superior Courts.

Class Actions & Minor Issues Civel Courts:

The area of Mass Lawsuits has as scope to serve clients with a high level of demand involving civil and consumer law, in the office’s performance sphere, especially in the north region of the country, througha combative team of lawyers, upon an effective control of lawsuits in the administrative and judicial spheres, with an intense performance before Civil Special Courts. This area has experienced and skilled cores in several business segments, such as telecommunications, large chains of magazine, health plans and insurance, distribution of energy, banking and financial institutions, credit card administrators, education institutions, transportation, tourism, etc. This area has a modern system of database, which offers services of statistical and procedural information analysis, with risk identification to assist managerial decisions. Thereby, the area also has experience to work with the system owned by contracting companies.

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