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Belo Horizonte - MG Office

Current View:

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Managing & Senior Partners: Rodolfo Gropen and João Manoel Rolla
Number of partners: 5
Number of other lawyers: 25

Firm Overview:
In 1996 the firm was founded by naming partner Rodolfo Gropen, whom brought in a solid experience advising and defending large steel companies mainly in Minas Gerais. Over the years the firm expanded his services to different sectors, such as mining, automotive, logistics and telecom, focusing in litigation, with a sustainable track of success, and also advising foreign investors in Brazil, which allowed us to increase the number of partners and associates in a calculated manner.

Main Areas of Practice:
Tax (Litigation): 70%
Tax (Consulting): 0%

The firm is a boutique specialized on tax law and prepared to assist on any and all different corporate tax subjects, whether the government level they relate to. Its service range includes consulting over corporate taxation in general and regarding any specific operations, in order to evaluate liabilities or identify tax credits, as well as tax planning. Also, tax litigation has an especial role among the firm practice in view of its large experience both in judicial and administrative courts and the client’s singularities approach. Recently, the firm assisted on a relevant leading case before the Supreme Court and obtained favourable ruling to taxpayers in general, involving social contributions over revenue (Cofins and Pis) and its relation with sales tax (ICMS).

International Work:

On the international scenario, the firm just engaged on preliminary analysis regarding Brazilian tax environment to support China Great Wall Industry Group on a possible acquisition of meat processing company. The project is on hold due to COVID-19 effects.

Languages:English, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese.

Steel, Mining - Iron, Nickel, Gold - Automotive, Logistics, Telecom, Food Retail, Food Industry and Construction.