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Managing Partner: 1
Number of Partners: 9
Number of Lawyers: 16
Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish

Firm Overview:
MVVP is an independent business law firm based in Brussels. As a fully integrated law firm, MVVP is committed to producing the highest quality of work, promptly delivered and geared to practical business solutions. MVVP lawyers are hands-on and easily accessible. MVVP represents Belgian and international clients ranging from start-ups to closely held businesses and multinationals, and this both in negotiations as in the course of litigation, before commercial, civil and administrative courts, as well as arbitral courts, in Belgium and at the European level (including the European Court of Justice). MVVP also acts as the day-to-day counsel for many of its clients.

Thanks to an extensive international tradition, MVVP knows how to deal with different legal and business cultures.

Main Areas of Practice:

Corporate & M&A:
3 Partners, 5 Fee Earners
MVVP continues to be very acting in the midmarker segment (until EUR 70 million) for corporate and M&A work in a number of sectors: retail, pharmaceuticals, logistics services, medical devices, bioscience, aviation, IT-services, speech technology and sports events. MVVP advises clients on corporate and financial law matters including mergers, acquisitions, buy outs and corporate restructuring; private equity and venture capital (secure transactions and international secure transactions); corporate governance, director/auditor liability issues; general corporate law; associations, foundations and not-for-profits organisations and family businesses.
Contacts: Klaus Heinemann; Kristoffel Vermeersch
Emails: [email protected]; [email protected]

Data Protection:
2 Partners. 4 Fee Earners Thanks to its intensive advising activities in the fields of IP, IT and media, MVVP has developed a very strong expertise in privacy and data protection compliance. Since the adoption of the GDPR, many clients assigned MVVP to lead global compliance projects and/or to provide specific advises on complex issues. MVVP’s experience is as broad as diverse, as it advised clients from many different sectors such as, marketing, IT services, cloud computing, software development, media, event communication, pharma, eHealth, education, governments and administrations, retail and distribution, non-profit, etc.
Contacts: Philippe Laurent; Olivier Sasserath
Emails: [email protected]; [email protected]

Dispute Resolution:
3 Partners, 5 Fee Earners
The dispute resolution team regularly handles issues within the realm of commercial litigation, such as contractual liability, court-appointed expert proceedings, warranties and liabilities, intermediary contracts, insolvency matters, corporate disputes. The team is well geared for fast-track procedures in the form of cease-and-desist procedures and preliminary orders, and is used to deal with cross-border questions and complex conflict-of-laws and procedural issues on a frequent basis. MVVP lawyers act for all Belgian courts, the European courts and have an established experience in arbitration proceedings for Cepina and ICC in Belgium.
Contact: Jan Ravelingien
Email: [email protected]

2 Partners, 4 Fee Earners
Employment law in Belgium is highly regulated, making it full of pitfalls for an unsuspecting employer. At the same time, the employer-employee relationship includes a collective level heavily influenced by trade unions, works councils, shop stewards, prevention committees, social inspectors and joint committees. MVVP has extensive experience in dealing with these matters. The employment practice assists businesses in navigating these regulatory shoals by helping them to fully understand and respect Belgian employment and social security law. Some 80% of the employment and social security matters MVVP deals with are resolved through an amicable settlement, without launching expensive court proceedings. Nevertheless, sometimes litigation is unavoidable. MVVP has the expertise to assist clients before the labour courts and labour courts of appeal.
Contacts: Bruno Blanpain; Emmanuel Wauters
Emails: [email protected]; [email protected]

Intellectual Property:
4 Partners, 8 Fee Earners
MVVP has one of the larger IP practices in Belgium (+10 person team) and deals with all different IP matters: copyrights, trademarks, patents, designs, neighboring rights, databases, plant variety rights. MVVP has a foremost reputation in the field of fashion, design, advertising, internet and entertainment but deals with IP matters across the board in all sectors, including automotive and life sciences. Roughly half of the work consists of disputes and litigation (including counterfeit seizures, injunctions and damage claims), and half of the work of advice (developing an effective IP strategy and practical solutions) and contract negotiation.
Contacts: Herman Croux; Olivier Sasserath; Peter Marx
Emails: [email protected]; [email protected] ; [email protected]

Real Estate:
1 Partner, 3 Fee Earners
MVVP’s real estate team specialises in property transactions, with a focus on industrial and retail properties. It has thorough experience and expertise in the various aspects of property work to assist clients in making the deal and find adequate solutions for problems that may arise. MVVP’s expertise includes project development and finance, regulatory matters such as environment and planning, public procurement matters. MVVP drafts any kind of contractual arrangements in relation to real estate projects and MVVP’s expertise also covers civil and administrative dispute resolution.
Contact: Stefaan Verbouwe
Email: [email protected]

Media & Entertainment:
3 Partners, 5 Fee Earners
MVVP has a thorough understanding of the entertainment market and the business interests of all stakeholders involved. In the music industry, it represents music publishers, record labels, managers and booking agencies. MVVP also assists television and film production companies, and acts on behalf of online media companies. In the field of media regulation, MVVP advises broadcasters on compliance with the applicable media legislation. MVVP advises publishers on issues such as privacy, data protection, personality rights and freedom of speech. MVVP also represents creative talent and celebrities.
Contacts: Peter Marx; Herman Croux; Olivier Sasserath
Emails: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Practice Areas:
■ Corporate/M&A
■ Data Protection
■ Dispute Resolution
■ Employment
■ Intellectual Property
■ Real Estate
■ Media Entertainment