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Mexico City Office

Current View:

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Managing Partner: Germán de la Garza de Vecchi
Senior Partners: Claudio Marroquín Mowat, Karla Villar Astorga, Octavio Novaro Holguín, Víctor Manuel Avila Estudillo
Number of partners: 7 (including senior partners)
Number of other lawyers: 35

Labour & Employment:
German de la Garza
Social Security Law: Octavio Novaro
Immigration Law: Karla Villar

Firm Overview:
Rechtlich & Gentan I. S.C. began its operations in 2005 in Mexico City, with the idea of a founding partner Claudio Marroquín Mowat to create a high performance office with the commitment to meet in an efficient, timely and friendly manner, the legal needs that its domestic and foreign clients with operations in Mexico may require.
The firm has grown in a sustained manner, constantly incorporating new members with relevant experience from the main law firms in Mexico and in the same way, forming its own professional team, with the purpose to add value to the operations of clients.
With that growth in mind, the company has added in recent years to its main offices in Mexico City, offices located in Los Cabos, Guadalajara and Querétaro, while also having one of the most extensive net of correspondent offices in all other main cities throughout Mexico.
In order to obtain and retain clients’ trust, each member of the firm has studied in the most recognised universities in Mexico and has a bicultural and bilingual education. This allows the firm to always have an open and effective communication with clients from diverse countries, including Japan, United States of America, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, and of course, Mexico, among others. These clients are leading companies in diverse areas of industry, including automotive, food, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, retail and services.
Rechtlich & Gentan I. S.C. has achieved a solid presence, sharing the success of clients and having a strong vision of the future, that allows the firm to continue positioning itself as a leading and avant-garde firm in Mexico.

Main Areas of Practice:

Labour & Employment: 90%
Social Security: 5%
Immigration Law: 5%

Labour & Employment:
The firm provides specialised consulting in all issues related to labour and employment situations that may arise on the day to day operations of all clients. It also provides services related to attention of lawsuits before the Federal and Local Conciliation and Arbitration and amparo lawsuits against labour authorities acts, throughout all of Mexico. From a collective standpoint, the firm assists clients in the yearly review processes of collective bargaining agreements and Collective Law Agreements (Contratos Ley). The firm is one of the strongest Mexican firms in providing support in litigation of lawsuits for ownership and administration of collective bargaining agreements (inter-union conflicts) and have extensive experience in handling massive employment termination due to closure or reduction of operations. The firm also provides counsel on compliance with regulations and subpoenas issued by Labor Authorities regarding inspections carried out in accordance with the Federal Labor Law to determine due compliance with labour and employment obligations and participate in seminars and conferences on labour topics and conflict prevention. Strong expertise in performing labour audits to ensure due compliance with all labour and employment obligations, as well as in providing legal updates with relevant and current information on all labour and employment issues.

Social Security & Low Cost Housing Laws:
The firm provides specialised counsel and assistance on issues related to affiliation and payment of contributions. Assistance in the preparation and follow-up of litigation before the IMSS and INFONAVIT, both before the aforementioned Institutes), as well as administrative procedures and legal requirements. Extensive experience in dealing with these institutes and the FONACOT with all the necessary procedures to comply with the obligations derived from regular operations, mergers, spin-offs and closure of operations.

Immigration Law:
Assistance in the processing and obtaining of migratory documents of foreigners, either residents/immigrants and/or temporary visas for non-immigrants foreigners wanting to reside or work in Mexico. Consulting on the advantages or disadvantages of the different options available for obtaining visas. Assistance in the development and presentation of the relative documentation before the corresponding immigration authorities and representation before the National Institute of Migration.

The firm daily provides services to foreign clients with international operations, which requires constant interaction with legal internal and external counsel of such clients. This interaction is specially provided in specific cases related to collective conflicts and also, in processes in which clients are analysing massive employment terminations due to closure or reduction of their operations in Mexico. Such counsel has been recently been provided to clients in the food, oil and automotive industries due to the start/growth of operations of new plants in Monterrey, Bajio area and Mexico City.

English, German, Italian, Spanish

■ Toyota Motor Corporation
■ Toyota Tsusho
■ Mondelez International
■ Bridgestone Firestone
■ Loreal
■ Bimbo
■ DuPont
■ Laureate International Universities
■ Roche
■ Merck Sharp & Dohme
■ General Electric
■ New York Life
■ Shell