Current View:

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Chairman: Haitao LONG
Managing Partner: Youyuan JIN
Number of partners: 56
Number of lawyers: 160
Languages: Chinese, English

Firm Overview:
Forging Ahead, Embracing the Future:

Merits & Tree Law Offices was established in 2006 under the name of Beijing Hawkhigh Law Offices, and was renamed as ‘Merits & Tree Law Offices’ in 2017. Merits & Tree aims to be a law firm that is characterized as ‘honorable, professional, cooperative, enterprising and friendly’, a law firm that reacts to the evolving and innovating market’s demand for an innovative legal service provider, and provides ‘professional, full-range and one-stop’ legal solutions to meet the increasingly complex and highly creative business requirements of enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Legal Mind, Business Insight:
Merits & Tree implements an ‘integrated’ management and operation system. It enables us to gather the most professional strength of the firm to provide legal services at each of ‘investment (issue-end)’ such as investment funds, banking and finance, family law and wealth management, ‘transaction (asset-end)’ such as PE/VC, M&A, real estate and ‘exit (dispute-end)’, such as capital market, distressed assets, dispute resolution, stages along the industry chain to our domestic and foreign clients in corporates, finance and capital markets.With the emphasis on legal professional ability, our associates pay attention to the in-depth research on the industry frontier and ecology, combine the professional legal knowledge and skills with excellent business insight and judgment, and devote to providing professional and forward-looking and innovative high-quality legal services for clients, with the aim to become an innovative and reliable legal service brand in the market.

Client Centered, Law for Good:
Merits & Tree is organized and managed internally as a corporation, which transcends the boundaries and limitations of traditional ‘solo practitioners’, leverages the collective wisdom, expertise and experience of all partners and attorneys, and aggregates each attorney’s resources, knowledge and expertise. Leveraging its dedicated professionals, Merits & Tree takes serving and achieving clients as both the starting point and ultimate goal, and is able to provide professional, differentiated, delicate and innovative legal services to the market and its clients. At the same time, Merits & Tree is willing to actively shoulder social responsibility with clients, create greater value for the society and jointly shape a better future.

Local Wisdom, Global Vision:
Merits & Tree’s partners are top-tier experts in the PRC legal services industry, having rich experience in leading international and PRC law firms. They are highly seasoned in project management, organization and execution, and capable of representing complex, challenging and/or ground-breaking transactions or cases. More than half of Merits & Tree’s associates are equipped with international education background and bilingual capability. It has also established a network of relationships with well-known law firms in many countries and regions. Based in China, facing the world, Merits & Tree’s vision is to serve the international business needs of domestic and foreign clients.

Main Areas of Practice:
Banking & Finance:

6 partners; 15 fee earners based in Beijing, Shanghai,Shenzhen
Key Clients: Minmental Trust;Citic Trust
Contact: Haitao LONG
Tel: (86)13910112519
Email: [email protected]

Investment Funds:
3 partners; 10 fee earners based in Beijing, Shanghai
Key Clients: China Electronics Corporation, China Veterans Capital
Contact: Tony WANG Tel: (86)13910792757 Email: [email protected]

Family Law & Fortune Management:
2 partners; 4 fee earners based in Beijing
Key Clients: Noah Holdings, CreditEase
Contact: Fangfei OUYANG
Tel: (86) 13810373586
Email: [email protected]

Private Equity/Venture Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions:
16 partners; 45 fee earners based in Beijing
Key Clients: IDG Capital, Sequoia Capital
Contact: Youyuan JIN
Tel: (86) 13810495282
Email: [email protected]

Real Estate & Infrastructure:
2 partners; 3 fee earners based in Beijing
Key Clients: Walmart
Contact: Xiang MAO
Tel: (86) 13510506076
Email: [email protected]

Securities and Capital Markets
5 partners; 10 fee earners based in Beijing,
Key Clients: Changjiang Runfa Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact: Zhitang SHU
Tel: (86) 13488681988
Email: [email protected]

Dispute Resolution
7 partners; 13 fee earners based in Beijing, Shanghai Contact: Wenliang ZHANG
Tel: (86) 13910294040
Email: [email protected]

Intellectual Property:
7 partners; 16 fee earners based in Beijing, Shenzhen
Key Clients: ZCOOL, Tencent
Contact: Lihui ZHAO
Tel: (86) 13701395721
Email: [email protected]

Special Assets & Bankruptcy Restructuring:
2 partners; 3 fee earners based in Beijing
Contact: Wenliang ZHANG
Tel: (86) 13910294040
Email: [email protected]

Regulatory & Compliance:
2 partners; 4 fee earners based in Beijing, Shenzhen
Contact: Wenwen ZENG
Tel: (86) 15501047466
Email: [email protected]

Antitrust & Competition Law:
1 partners;2 fee earners based in Beijing
Key Clients: ASE