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This content is provided by Luminance.

About Luminance 

Luminance is the market-leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession, with over 300 customers in 55 countries. This includes all of the legal divisions of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms, over one-fifth of the ‘Global Top 100’ law firms and in-house teams from leading supermarkets, banks and insurance firms. Powered by advanced machine learning, Luminance rapidly reads and forms an understanding of documents, helping lawyers perform the most thorough and rapid document reviews across the legal spectrum, from M&A due diligence and contract negotiation to redaction projects and eDiscovery. In recognition of its pioneering technology, Luminance has been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation and was named a ‘Future Fifty’ company by Tech Nation.

How Luminance’s AI Benefits Lawyers 

Understand the key information on day one: With Luminance instantly surfacing key datapoints such as clauses, anomalies, email traffic and risks, lawyers are always at the forefront of their negotiation or investigation. Luminance visually represents this information across a number of interactive widgets, helping lawyers to understand the different aspects of their dataset and rapidly zero-in on what matters. Using Luminance, lawyers have consistently reported time savings of up to 90% during their review, allowing them to spend more time providing analysis and advice to their client or business.

Mitigate risk: Not only does Luminance read the entirety of the dataset, but it then has the unique ability to surface anomalies such as a missing document or a subtle deviation in clause wording. Luminance can also flag ‘unknown unknown’ results: hidden risks that the lawyer did not know existed, thus did not know to search for, such as onerous and unexpected clauses in unusual places. With Luminance, lawyers can quickly pinpoint areas of risk and investigate them early on.

AI conceptually understands documents: Luminance goes far beyond keyword searching: it actually forms an understanding of legal documents. This means that users have the ability to capture conceptually alike terms within their searches, ensuring the most thorough inquiries, or during an investigation, Luminance can provide conceptually similar documents to the one currently being reviewed, completely changing the way lawyers go about ECA.

More powerful with every interaction: Users can show Luminance just one example of a new concept and, in one click, Luminance can then apply this learning across the dataset. This flexible approach ensures Luminance doesn’t need expensive and time-consuming updates in light of new legislation.

Use within hours: Luminance’s easy cloud-deployment and intuitive interface ensures that users don’t need advanced certification: most lawyers are up and running within hours.

Luminance Product Suite 

Luminance Diligence: Supports corporate lawyers with contract reviews including M&A due diligence, real estate reviews, contract consolidation exercises and redaction. Luminance’s AI instantly highlights anomalous areas and critical information such as clauses, governing law and document types, displaying this information across a dashboard of interactive widgets. Luminance helps lawyers to proactively respond to urgent contractual issues, instilled with the greatest confidence that nothing has been missed during their review.

Luminance Discovery: An end-to-end AI-powered eDiscovery platform, which can be used for a range of matters including ECA and investigations, high-volume litigation work, DSARs and court preparation. By combining AI-driven document analysis with powerful data culling and filter widgets, Luminance allows lawyers to quickly hone in on relevant information. Because Luminance conceptually understands documents, Luminance helps litigators interrogate their data in the most thorough, robust way, for instance instantly surfacing conceptually similar items and highlighting important yet under-investigated areas of the dataset areas.

Luminance Corporate: AI-powered tool for in-house teams to enhance and expedite the entire contract lifestyle process, from contract drafting and negotiation to understanding the key features of executed contracts. Luminance Corporate provides a central repository for all contracts, executed and still being negotiated, with Luminance’s machine learning analysing these contracts and displaying the key features broken down across a range of interactive visual widgets. This allows lawyers to quickly find out answers to urgent business questions. Further, Luminance uniquely integrates with Microsoft Word via a plugin, enabling lawyers to tap into Luminance’s AI analysis in a sidebar as part of their regular workflow. As well as labelling key datapoints within contracts, Luminance shows users at-a-glance how provisions within incoming contracts comply with executed agreements, and suggests acceptable alternative wording.