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Managing Partners: Gustavo Pinheiro Guimarães Padilha
Partners: Celio dos Santos Kelab, Mariana Ferreira Neves Monteiro, Gustavo Moura Azevedo Nunes, Luciana Henriques Ismael, Daniela Grassi Quartucci, Luciana Campos Palermo, Gustavo Clemente Vilela, Rodrigo Silva de Medeiros, Paulo Francisco Maia de Resende Lara, Gabriela Ferreira Nacarato and Michelle Ramos Garcia.
Number of partners worldwide: 12
Number of other lawyers worldwide: 95

Firm Overview:
Gustavo Padilha Advogados was founded in 1997 and has experienced solid growth since then. With a forward-looking and pro-business philosophy, the firm offers its clients a broad range of legal services on different law practices, with major expertise on real estate, corporate, M&A, capital markets, banking and finance, tax, litigation, civil, construction law, structured transactions, infrastructure and labour.

The firm’s good inter-area relationship and its internal dynamics lead to a more global and complete view of the cases, resulting in a tailor-made strategy for each demand.

Main Areas of Practice:

Real Estate:
The firm’s services encompass a full range of services related to the real estate industry, including support in drafting and negotiating of purchase, sale, construction and financing agreements, as well as modelling the legal structure for residential, industrial and commercial real estate projects. Additionally, the firm has a specialised team with years of experience with shopping malls, including condominium, developing agreements, consortia, joint ventures etc. The team also conducts thorough due diligence work in real estate properties for the structuring of several real estate projects, considering all legal aspects of the property and the commercial activity to be developed.

Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions:
Advice on corporate structures for specific transactions, incorporation of companies and corporate restructuring. The services provided by the firm also include the negotiation of shareholders’ agreements, mergers, spin-offs, drop down transactions, sale and acquisition of companies, drafting of memorandum of understandings and performing all due diligence work. Advice on corporate transactions, M&As and complex matters of corporate governance in Brazil.

Banking, Financing & Investment Funds:
Counsel for structuring and negotiating structured finance transactions regarding real estate, infrastructure and other sectors. Advice regarding the issuance of securities and securitisation processes (issuance of underlying securities in real estate credits, such as ‘Certificados de Recebíveis Imobiliários’ and ‘Cédulas de Crédito Imobiliário’), as well as syndicated loans, and incorporation of investment funds (real estate investment funds, investment funds in real estate credit rights and private equity investment funds).

Project Finance:
Counsel and advice for structuring and negotiating financial transactions related to infrastructure and industrial sectors.

Capital Markets:
Advice on several matters including private placement of securities in Brazil, follow-on offerings, tender offers for acquisitions of shares of public companies and securities regulation matters.

Sports & Entertainment:
Advice to companies, investors, sports clubs and athletes with legal alternatives for the business possibilities of this sector. Provides counsel and representation on numerous issues arising in any context of the sports and entertainment business industry.

Arbitration & Litigation:
Counsel and advice on out of court matters. Representation of clients in courts across Brazil, whether state or federal, in all legal areas. Extensive experience in arbitration proceedings in Brazil and abroad. 

General counsel in internal tax matters as well as development and execution of integrated tax planning strategies with respect to real estate transactions and corporate structures. Due diligence review. The work of this practice includes tax litigation before courts and administrative litigation before municipal, state and federal tax authorities.

Counsel on judicial or out of court matters, including labour litigation and advice regarding labour laws and compensation arrangements.

Portuguese, English, Spanish.

The firm’s client portfolio varies from real estate related business, such as construction, development, financing and shopping centres, to business conglomerates and financial institutions, as well as other numerous clients operating in different fields.