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Falanx Assynt

London Office

This content is provided by Falanx Assynt.

Managing Director: Charles Hollis
Number of employees: 28
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish
International Offices: Falanx Assynt also has operations in London, UK, as well as Hong Kong, Ireland, UAE and United States.

Overview & History:
Falanx Assynt is a global intelligence consultancy specialising in research on emerging markets. A division of Falanx Group, the firm has provided multinational organisations with geopolitical, strategic, and commercial risk analysis since 2003. Falanx Assynt continues to be a long-term intelligence partner to clients, who rely on Assynt’s high value analysis and forecasts to anticipate risks, evaluate opportunities, and foresee outcomes in global markets. Assynt has pioneered an approach to providing risk intelligence and strategic advisory through embedded partnerships, supported by in-house research analysis and local sources across a global network.

The firm’s intelligence framework is built on proprietary methodology that integrates the understanding of geopolitical, security, reputational and commercial risks, underpinned by a rigorous commitment to quality. Client projects are delivered by a highly skilled team of analysts located across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Clients also benefit from Assynt’s extensive strategic insight into the operational priorities of transnational jihadist networks.


Global Risk Intelligence:

Fortnightly global risk analysis through the flagship Assynt Report, providing over 120 reports every month on 50+ countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Former Soviet Union. Assynt also produces monthly reports on Islamist extremism, responsive reporting on significant geopolitical events and Global Themes reports which include the following key areas; COVID-19, cybersecurity, environmental risks & activism, global jihadism, great power competition, and international trade.

Embedded Analysts:
Falanx Assynt allows clients to leverage the strength of their analysis and expertise to enhance their in-house capabilities through its embedded analysts’ programme, at the same time easing the pressure of recruiting high calibre candidates. Analysts are fully integrated into the client’s global reporting network while maintaining access to Assynt’s worldwide specialists, ensuring clients benefit from the entirety of Assynt’s insight and knowledge.

Strategic / Business Intelligence:
Clients commission Assynt experts to work on a variety of projects to meet their requirements. Falanx Assynt’s specialists address the difficult questions by offering insight into local political, social, regulatory or sector dynamics, as well as due diligence into both individuals and companies.

Litigation Support:
A sub-category of Falanx Assynt’s strategic intelligence work, the strong research capabilities and extensive reach allow Assynt to support clients who are litigating in complex jurisdictions where understanding of geopolitical, regulatory, cultural or historic trends are critical. Assynt also assists law firms and their clients with asset traces, witness identification, public records research and more.

Key Clients Across:
■ Aviation
■ Aerospace & Defence
■ Banking & Financial Services
■ Consumer & Retail
■ Legal
■ Oil & Gas
■ Technology
■ Telecommunications

Charles Hollis
Tel: 020 7856 9454
Email: [email protected]