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Amsterdam Office

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Managing Partners: M.M. Kaajan and F. Onrust
Number of partners: 5
Number of lawyers: 8
Languages: Dutch, English

Public law boutique ENVIR Advocaten exclusively focuses on providing its clients with public law advice and support. Based in Amsterdam, ENVIR was founded in 2014 by partners Marieke Kaajan and Fleur Onrust. The firm continues to grow and has added Iris Kieft as a partner in 2018, Derek Sietses in 2019 and Marcel Soppe in 2021. ENVIR Advocaten also opened its Leeuwarden office in 2019. Almelo based public law boutique Soppe Gundelach advocaten, headed by Marcel Soppe, joined ENVIR in 2021 and operates as ENVIR’s Almelo office.
ENVIR Advocaten is recognised in the field as the specialist in environmental law, including nature conservation, (sustainable) energy, and zoning and planning. ENVIR also handles general administrative law matters such as administrative enforcement and subsidies and supports corporate law firms with public law questions in M&A, financing and real estate transactions. Its client base mainly consists of companies and government bodies active in the following sectors: industry, energy (including renewables), real estate, aviation, education, health care, and infrastructure.
ENVIR’s energy team is well-versed in climate change, electricity generation, transport and infrastructure, renewable energy, district heating and heat/cold storage, and circular economy regulation and development and has expanded its client base in 2020 by adding major energy/circular economy players such as TenneT, Pondera and OPEN Foundation (Organization for Producers Responsibility for E-waste Netherlands).

Main Areas of Practice:
Planning & Environment
Public Law
Energy & Natural Resources
Climate Change
Real Estate
Leisure & Hospitality

Public Law – Planning & Environment:
■ Representation of various developers of onshore wind farms and government bodies in the Netherlands, including successfully defending the development before the Dutch administrative high court
Partners: Marieke Kaajan, Marcel Soppe, Derek Sietses
■ Representation various provinces and municipalities in obtaining and defending in court a protected species exemption pursuant to the Dutch Nature Conservation Act and the Birds Directive for taking measures against nuisance of certain bird species
Partner: Fleur Onrust
■ Representation of a large industrial site in the Netherlands in obtaining a Nature Conservation Act permit required for industrial activities and advising on the implications of the major overhaul of Dutch environmental law that was recently adopted by the Dutch legislator
Partner: Marieke Kaajan, Iris Kieft

Public Law:
■ Representation of the Dutch child daycare association, a transport organisation and more than one hundred individual child daycare institutions in proceedings against the Dutch government in highly politically sensitive proceedings in relation to suspension of a daycare transport solution
Partners: Fleur Onrust and Derek Sietses
■ Representation of a real estate development company in several legal proceedings on administrative law enforcement to be able to develop a large industrial estate in the port area that is occupied with squatters
Partner: Fleur Onrust
■ Representation of a large Dutch transport hub in administrative law matters and legal proceeding
Partners: Marieke Kaajan, Fleur Onrust
■ Representation of a Dutch port in a damages claim against the Dutch government in relation to the designation of part of the port as Natura 2000 protected area
Partner: Iris Kieft

Public Law – Transactional:
■ Representation of various industrials and developers on public law aspects of M&A and real estate transactions and financing, most commonly in close cooperation with M&A boutique firms
Partners: Fleur Onrust and Iris Kieft
■ Advising on the permits and environmental aspects of the sale of an international transportation company specialised in domestic and international transport of hazardous (ADR) and non-hazardous bulk liquids
Partner: Fleur Onrust
■ Representation of an investor in the acquisition of shares in an offshore wind park
Partner: Iris Kieft

Energy & Natural Resources:
■ Representation of consortium in relation to permitting of a large, cross-border electricity transmission project Partner: Iris Kieft ■ Advising on various circular economy and end-of-waste questions from large industrials, recyclers and waste-to-energy parties
Partner: Iris Kieft, Fleur Onrust
■ Supporting various corporate boutique firms in energy related matters with advice on permits and SDE+ subsidies for renewable projects (Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production
Partners: Fleur Onrust, Iris Kieft, Marieke Kaajan
■ Supporting OPEN Foundation in setting up a collective system to enable compliance with the extended producer responsibility of producers of electric and electronic equipment for the collection and recycling of e-waste
Partners: Iris Kieft

Climate Change:
■ Representation of large Dutch industrials in relation to the implementation of and preparation for the new phase of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the recently introduced CO2 industry tax
Partner: Iris Kieft
■ Advising various government bodies and developers of wind, solar and other renewable projects on planning, permits and SDE subsidy matters
Partners: Marieke Kaajan, Marcel Soppe, Fleur Onrust, Iris Kieft, Derek Sietses

Real Estate:
■ Supporting various real estate developers, construction companies and governments bodies on nitrogen-related questions following the annulment of the Dutch nitrogen action programme (PAS)
Partner: Marieke Kaajan, Marcel Soppe
■ Representation of large Dutch and international retailers on establishing distribution centers and stores in the Netherlands
Partner: Iris Kieft
■ Advising on the permits and environmental aspects in the largest single-asset transaction in the Netherlands regarding an office building complex in the Amsterdam financial district
Partner: Fleur Onrust

Leisure & Hospitality:
■ Representation of hotel developer in negotiations with a Dutch government on the redevelopment of an iconic seaside hotel
Partner: Derek Sietses
■ Supporting a major vital sector corporation in ensuring continuation of its safe operations despite the challenges of COVID 19, thereby safeguarding timely provision of essential services to more than 20,000 households
Partner: Fleur Onrust