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This content is provided by DD&L Advogados Associados.

Managing Partners: Átila de Oliveira Denys and Cláudia Lopes Bernardino
Senior Partners: Átila de Oliveira Denys, Cláudia Lopes Bernardino and José Alberto Macial Dantas
Number of partners: 36

Civil & Consumer:
Rayane Lins
Compliance: Claudia Lopes
Environmental & Society: Marcela Melo, Elisa Denys
Financing & Real Estate: Simone Pinto
Governmental Affairs & R&D: Atila Denys
Tax & Incentives: Cláudia Lopes, Adriana Rother
Labour & Security: Alberto Dantas, Priscilla Rosas

Firm Overview:
In its 22 years history, DD&L Advogados has been assisting its clients according to their needs. Originated by a consulting company formed in 1995 by Senior Partners Atila de Oliveira Denys and Claudia Lopes Bernardino, DD&L is specialised in business law, either consulting or litigation in several areas of expertise. DD&L offers a deep understanding not only of Brazil but mainly of Manaus Free Trade Zone legal and business characteristics . Due its knowledge of region specificities, the firm identifies opportunities and creates legal solutions specific for this area. A close and long standing client relationship based on trust and cooperation keeps clients constantly informed about their matters, and also allows to develop creative and effective legal solutions for them, providing successful and timely results. DD&L counts with a team of multidisciplinary professionals, comprised of several lawyers with background in economics, engineering, administration, and other areas, deeply experienced and in constant update related to content, legislation and jurisprudence applicable to the local business context of Manaus and its surroundings. Besides its own clients the firm is also correspondent of main law offices in Brazil. Since 2004 develops pro bono legal activities and counsel to underprivileged organisations and communities.

Main Areas of Practice:

Civil, Commercial, Consumer & Corporate:

Wide experience in the formation of Companies and Joint Ventures, drafting contracts and articles of incorporations, shareholders agreements, minutes of general meetings of shareholders and of the board of directors also provides advisory related to the negotiation and representation in judicial proceedings involving matters of such areas.

The firm handles all environmental related issues, with emphasis on licensing, compliance counseling, waste management and litigation.

Family & Succession:
Assists clients in every aspects regarding successions law and societary re structuring.

Assists clients in loans and financial transactions with public or private banks.

Labour & Social Security:
Assistance, prevention , litigation, elimination of labour contingencies, policies on human resources and compensation. Collective rights. Due diligences.

Real Estate:
Assistance, prevention, litigation, elimination of labour contingencies, policies on human resources and compensation. Collective rights. Due diligences.

To match the law requirements that obliges IT companies, settled in Manaus Free Trade Zone, to invest in R&D activities and institutes, the firm offers assistance for such companies during the investment process, either as advisory or after it, representing them in judicial or administrative proceedings involving this matter, when needed.

Special Projects:
DD&L provides full legal services to companies which intend to set up an unit inside Manaus Free Trade Zone. These projects begin with studies concerning the type of product to be assembled in order to verify if it has a legal basis to receive incentives. If not, the firm can assist the company in the process of legal basis requirement and after all the implantation process.

Besides its expertise in tax incentives related to Manaus Free Trade Zone, DD&L offers assistance in the various aspects of tax matters, as well as in administrative or judicial litigation. Also develops tax planning, reorganisation and legal thesis specific for the region.

International Work: DD&L is a leading firm which represents several international corporations of different nationalities and diverse sector of economy setting up , and conducting their operations inside Manaus Free Trade Zone Area.

Languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

Regarding to its profile, DD&L during the last 22 years, renders high quality and differentiated services either to national and international clients of all sizes, focusing on industrial and commercial companies which already are installed into Manaus Free Trade Zone, or intend to come, such as: electro electronic, two wheels, cell phones, IT, components. Among its clients, are also, construction companies, oil and gas, energy, malls, foundations and public service suppliers related to infrastructure.