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Senior Partners: Gustavo Henrique Caputo Bastos, Francisco Queiroz Caputo Neto
Number of partners: 9
Number of other lawyers: 3

High Courts Causes, Labour & Social Security:
Francisco Queiroz Caputo Neto
Business Law, Civil Litigation & Electoral Law: Gustavo Henrique Caputo Bastos

Firm Overview:
Caputo, Bastos e Serra is a law firm specialised on strategic and complex cases, dedicated to legal solutions in Brasília, with a high profile stance on Brazil’s high courts. It is also a reference for other firms around the country that commonly seek assistance in matters beyond their local jurisdiction. The firm favours a technically oriented approach to legal matters and is founded on the vast experience of its senior partners, all with a successful background in the local market. Its lawyers value a close relationship with the client and are fully qualified to provide legal counselling on both judicial and extrajudicial matters. Caputo, Bastos e Serra provides legal solutions in the following branches of activities: administrative, labour, social security, contract, real estate, civil, electoral, corporate and consumer. Its clients come from various market niches, such as shopping centres, medical care, media conglomerates, telecommunications, civil engineering, incorporations, tobacco industry, food industry, financial institutions and sanitising products.

Main Areas of Practice:

High Courts Causes:
Caputo Bastos e Serra is best known for its high profile advocacy in Brazil’s high courts, being a first choice for clients who seek specialised and thorough legal counselling in more complex and strategic causes. The firm is also a reference for several firms in other parts of the country who seek partnership in the handling of cases outside their local jurisdiction.

Business Law:
The office has a strong vocation for advocating in all matters regarding business law, assisting top-tier clients including shopping centres, medical care groups, media conglomerates, incorporating and civil construction companies and telecommunication groups in contractual matters, business planning and litigation.

Civil Litigation:
Caputo, Bastos e Serra works in a wide array of themes related to civil law, having acquired both expertise and renown as top litigators regarding breach of contract, tort, corporate, real estate, consumer law, telephony, medical malpractice, administrative improbity, among others.

Labour & Social Security:
The firm has central role in consultation and litigation in labour law in Brasília. Although it has built a sound reputation advocating in the Labour Superior Court, Caputo, Bastos e Serra has a strong stance for the prevention of litigation, aiming to instruct its clients to effectively apply the regulations and legal precedents in their best interest.

Electoral Law:
The firm has a solid role in legal counselling and litigation for electoral campaigns in the Federal District and other States, creating legal strategies and providing solutions for issues like advertisement, abuse of economic power, undue use of means of communication, right of reply, income statement, acting with both precision and effectiveness in Regional Electoral Courts and in the Superior Electoral Court.

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