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This content is provided by Baskerville Drummond Consulting Ltd.

Firm Details

Baskerville Drummond Consulting Limited 


Tel: 01908 592570

Consultants: David Baskerville, Kevin Goosman, Cathy Kirby, Nigel Stott and Richard Wyatt

Firm Overview

Baskerville Drummond Consultancy Limited (BDCL) provides a full “end-to-end” consultancy service from Strategic Reviews, System and Vendor Selection, Implementation and Strategy Execution to Retained or Trusted Advisor.

BDCL's unique approach enables it to fully support their clients through the whole strategic or project process and ensures it is fully accountable for the results.

There tends to be three types of initial engagement:

  1. Firms often recognise they have challenges with IT generally or with a particular service or project but are not certain of the cause or resolution.
  2. Firms are considering embarking on a significant change project and want to ensure they prepare properly before commencing or have already recognised they need external support with the project.
  3. Firms have recognised they need external assistance in procurement or implementation of specialist line of business applications or service provision.

BDCL will often take their client through the full “Review, Select and Implement” cycle, but other times clients engage them at a specific stage in the project.

Main Areas of Practice

1) Reviews & Strategy Creation 

BDCL carries out detailed reviews that deliver an independent assessment of the client’s current IT provision and their current and future needs. The review looks at the service delivery, infrastructure and business applications in use and provides the client with a prioritised list of areas which require focus.

The findings of the report then tend to be the basis of the creation of the firm’s formal IT strategy to underpin service enhancement and alignment of IT to the business’s strategy. This is particularly useful when a firm is going through a period of transformation.

2) System & Vendor Selection 

Often in the review stage BDCL identifies business applications, or services, which are “end of life”, no longer fit for purpose or suffering from poor 3rd party delivery. BDCL therefore supports firms in identifying their unique requirements and assessing the options in the market. The firm’s service entails a full procurement process from requirements gathering, prioritising functional needs, identifying success criteria, long-listing and undertaking a full RTT process.

3) Implementation & Strategy Execution 

Following the selection of new technology, BDCL is often engaged to act as the project consultant to ensure successful implementation. This role is a blend of project governance, project management and mentor and advisor to the project team. BDCL’s engagement at this stage seeks to ensure the original project vision and business objectives are delivered.

4) Trusted Advisors 

BDCL acts as long-term trusted advisors to several law firms and offers a “Virtual IT Director” role where they are engaged for several days each month. It is also often the go-to when a law firm has a technology challenge which is outside “Business as Usual” and they require some external perspective on a problem or the experience of someone who has dealt with a similar issue previously.

5) Strategy & Finance Reviews 

BDCL’s in-depth knowledge of both law firms and the legal marketplace puts it in a position to help law firms clarify their strategic direction. By identifying the creators of value in the firm (whether they are people, areas of law or processes), and the destroyers of value, the firm helps its clients to decide the focus of attention for the year, or years, ahead. The business is then able to be more profitable and more cash generative. In turn, this allows further development and investment, as well as profit for the owners.

To support clients in achieving their objectives BDCL can use its tried and tested approaches by:
■ Developing management information that identifies the profitable and cash generative areas of the firm;
■ Designing motivational partner reward models, that encourage great partner performance;
■ Creating staff reward schemes that focus attention on the needs of the firm and improve performance;
■ Identifying potential merger partners: working with you to handle mergers, including due diligence on the other firm(s) and drawing on its experience to advise the client through the process;
■ Training staff in the “Business of Law”, helping them understand how to manage the financial side of each client and their overall client portfolio;
■ Assessing the appropriateness of the finance team by undertaking a gap analysis, to see where strengths and, especially weaknesses, lie;
■ Providing part-time finance director, (FD), practice manager and CEO, services to those firms that either don’t want or cannot afford these full-time positions.

Client Base 

BDCL clients are law firms headquartered in England & Wales with a turnover of between £4 to £40 million. Most of its clients would be classed as traditional full-service regional law firms such as Debenhams Ottaway, Hamlin’s, Jackson Lees, Paris Smith, Radcliffe Chambers, Trethowans, Thompson Smith & Puxon or Wright Hassall but they also have a few niche practices such as Signature Litigation (Litigation), Laura Devine (Immigration) and Hughes, Fowler Carruthers and start-ups such as Bott van Kesteren and Astraea Group.

BDCL is the preferred IT advisor to LawNet.