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Overview & History:

Actionstep is a flexible, easy to use software platform for ambitious law firms. Built in the cloud, with workflow automation at its heart. Actionstep transforms law firm productivity at every step. Actionstep’s complete legal practice management system has unlimited scope to scale & evolve - taking you every step of your journey as a law firm.

Why Actionstep?

Actionstep provides a complete and configurable firm management system for law firms. Its software adapts, so you don’t have to. Workflows for legal process, client management & administration are built into its software. Automation runs throughout all of Actionstep's features to eliminate multiple entries, keep processes moving and reduce time spent on administration.

Your Firm, Your Way. Configure Actionstep to Suit Your Firm’s Ideal Way of Working.

Everything in One PlaceSoftware You Won’t Outgrow

Actionstep’s flexible configuration provides a complete firm management system for every step of your journey as a law firm. With unlimited scope to evolve & grow, get the freedom to be ambitious.

Automation Gives You Control

Automation, workflow, templates and tasks give you confidence in your process and freedom from administrative burdens. Actionstep puts you in control of how things are done, without having to control every little thing.

One Complete System

What does all-in-one mean? Actionstep is jam-packed with all the technology you need to run your firm. Configure Actionstep to suit your firm’s way of working, with customisation options built into every aspect of the system.

Put Your Clients at the Centre of Everything You Do & Transform Your Firm’s Productivity at Every Step

New Client Inquiry - Turn initial inquiries into long-term relationships with great service from the first point of contact. Client Onboarding - Give your clients a unique contact record, assign them to matters, see contact histories, billing detail, correspondence and all related files in one place. Document Creation & Automation - Generate ready-to-send documents and emails in seconds with Actionstep’s document assembly feature. Time Tracking - Actionstep uses intuitive recording, intelligent timesheets & activity codes to ensure that no billable time falls between the cracks. Document Management - Store and access your documents with ease using Actionstep’s world-class legal document management. Matter & Case Management - Customise each of your matter types with a unique workflow, custom data fields, document templates, billing arrangements, and reports. Process matters more efficiently and ensure that nothing gets missed. Reporting - Access to accurate, up-to-date information that can assist in driving your business forward. Billing & Accounting - Actionstep’s full front and back-office solution will allow you to either replace your existing accounting software or use the front-office features alongside your existing software. See more of the firm's features and functionality on the website

Integrations - Make It Your Own

Actionstep is a complete software platform for law firms, however, the firm’s system also integrates with a range of other applications that law firms use, need or simply enjoy. Connect with useful applications to keep files up to date, access 3rd party information, create more data storage options or manage accounting.Actionstep has learned so much about what lawyers need to manage their practices, reduce administrative burdens and free up enough space in their day for client nurturing and business development. To learn more about Actionstep, contact the firm for a demo of Actionstep and see how it can help law firms grow and thrive