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Mr. Knight has practiced government contract law in excess of 35 years, counseling and litigating on behalf of clients in all aspects of that specialized practice. He has significant experience in claims and disputes, with special emphasis on costing and pricing issues involving cost allocability and allowability, Cost Accounting Standards, defective pricing under the Truth in Negotiations Act, and government audits. Mr. Knight has substantial experience in compliance issues pertaining to government contractors and frequently assists clients in evaluating the requirement and manner of making disclosures to the government. He has conducted compliance reviews for clients, assisting in reviewing and evaluating internal controls, conducting training and evaluating specific compliance issues such as business systems and socio-economic requirements in government contracts. Mr. Knight represents prime contractors as well as subcontractors, and is experienced in ascertaining the necessary government contract requirements for inclusion in subcontracts.

Mr. Knight also has significant experience in representing clients during Inspector General audits and investigations, as well as procurement fraud investigations. This experience includes grand jury and civil fraud investigations pursuant to the criminal and civil False Claims Acts, involving accounting, quality, conflicts of interest, and socio-economic requirements.


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Adjunct Professor, George Washington University Law School

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