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Liangchen Gao

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Practice Areas

Liangchen is a leading specialist in shipping and marine environment pollution, with particular expertise in dispute resolution relating to cargo claims, marine insurance, offshore oil and other shipping based matters. He also has a leading reputation in international trade and logistics finance.

Liangchen leads a team of 4 professional lawyers, who are lead advisers to many top logistics enterprises and international trade companies. He is the author of over 20 published articles regarding top issues on bills of lading, marine ecological damages and etc.

He serves as an arbitrator at China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC) and at the local Qingdao Arbitration Commission. He is well known to provide legal services with significant experience and diligence in both litigation and arbitration on contract disputes.

Liangchen is ranked as National Excellent Lawyer of China in year 2020. He is a member of Maritime Committee of All-China Lawyers Association, Director of Maritime Committee of Shandong Province Lawyers Association. With his contributions to the lawyer associations and other social committees, Liangchen is recognized to have deep connections in the shipping legal practice in China.