Leszek Koziorowski

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Partner, attorney at law, leads GESSEL’s securities law department.


Specialises in securities law and investment funds law. He advises on cases centering, among other issues, on public and private share and bond issues as well as on merger and acquisition transactions regarding public listed companies. Provides legal expertise in the scope of activity of investment firms and investment funds, including their day-to-day operations. Advises public listed companies on corporate law matters (also as regards discharge of their reporting duties) and on various administrative or court proceedings involving securities markets.


A frequent commentator on issues pertaining to his field of practice and to the securities market in general. His articles and opinion pieces have appeared in “Przegląd Prawa Handlowego”, “Prawo Papierów Wartościowych”, “Radca Prawny”, “Rynek Kapitałowy”, “Rzeczpospolita”, “Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet”, and “Dziennik”.


He is a collector of historical securities documents, and his interest in history of the equity markets and of the economy in general is pursued in the Association of Historical Securities Documents Collectors, of which he is the president since 2009.