The Risk Advisory Group

Goran Maksimovic

This content is provided by Goran Maksimovic.

Practice Areas

Goran Maksimovic heads Risk Advisory’s Litigation & Arbitration consulting practice. A former attorney, he moved into risk consulting over a decade ago and is based in New York City.

Goran assists clients in domestic and international disputes. He helps clients strengthen their position in litigation and arbitration proceedings through the identification and deployment of intelligence, evidence and critical witnesses.

Goran primarily advises corporate clients that are involved in disputes with other corporates, individuals or state actors. He has extensive experience of locating assets (including those exempt from state and sovereign immunity), unwinding offshore corporate structures, generating proof of corruption and other misconduct by counterparties, brokering introductions to key witnesses, and developing tactical intelligence to facilitate settlement.

Goran also assists clients in shaping their enforcement strategies. This involves supporting clients in 28 U.S.C. § 1782 discovery petitions, locating assets in enforcement friendly jurisdictions, generating evidence of fraudulent transfers and other asset dissipation tactics used by judgment debtors.

Prior to joining Risk Advisory in 2015, he spent five years at a London-based intelligence consultancy. Goran began his career as a litigator with a focus on insolvency and real estate disputes.