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Almira Cemmell

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Almira Cemmell is a Senior Managing Director and leads the Europe and Africa team of the Global Risk and Investigations Practice based in London.

She manages a variety of dispute resolution cases, as well as internal corruption investigations. These investigations typically revolve around political, regulatory or integrity risk management, and determining the wider context surrounding transactional matters.

Almira and her team regularly work on establishing strategies for arbitration and litigation cases, as well as supporting legal teams on delivering these strategies successfully. During this process they often work to find and recover multi-jurisdictional assets, establish or verify corrupt activities often involving government officials, and identify and prepare evidence, witnesses of fact and expert witnesses. Her team works extensively on internal fraud and FCPA-related investigations and assisting clients in reporting to the relevant regulators.

Previously Almira was an Associate Partner at a competitor firm and led an Oil and Mining team at Global Witness. She started her career at the Serbian Ministry of Finance (for Schlumberger-Sema) and at the Serbian Parliament (for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe - OSCE).

In the early 2000s, she was one of the leaders of the Serbian Student Union, which played a pivotal role in establishing the post-Communist government.

Languages Spoken

English, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and basic Farsi