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Chairman: Mr. Jianbin (James) CHEN
Managing Partners: Mr. Jianbin (James) CHEN
Number of Partners: 11
Number of Lawyers: 94
Languages: Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, English, French

Zhuoxin Law Firm is one of the larger-scale comprehensive law firms in China. Since its establishment in 1999 in Guangzhou, Zhuoxin has been gradually building recognition and renown in the legal field through years of development.

With more than 80 lawyers and experts, Zhuoxin provides services in the various areas, such as corporate and commercial, mergers & acquisitions, foreign direct investment, outbound investment, international trade, real estate, employment and labour, intellectual property, family law, government contracts, criminal law, litigation and alternative dispute resolution, etc.

Zhuoxin's clients include a considerable number of Fortune 500 companies, state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises, private companies, financial institutions, risk capital funds, asset management companies, governmental authorities and individuals. The firm has been repeatedly selected as the preferred counsel or legal service partners by international legal service appraisal institutions, financial institutions, governmental authorities, foreign general consulates, embassies, and commercial associations.

Zhuoxin was selected as Top 10 Guangzhou Law Firm by Guangzhou Justice Bureau in 2007, and honoured the 2012-2016 Elite Law Firm by Guangdong Lawyers Association in 2017, and entered into the finalists of China South Law Firm of the Year for three consecutive years which was published by SSQ Thomson Reuters ALB China Law Awards 2016, 2017 and 2018.

In 2018, Zhuoxin has been successfully elected as one of the first batch of foreign-related law firms in Guangdong Province, and more importantly, Zhuoxin was recommended as a boutique commercial law firm based in Guangzhou and ranked as Band 2 by Chambers and Partners in the area of “Corporate/Commercial: East Coast (Guangdong)” in 2018, and ranked as Band 3 in 2019.


(1) Bankruptcy and Restructuring:
ZHUOXIN has accumulated rich experience in legal practice of bankruptcy and restructuring, especially representing clients in the forensic litigation in China. ZHUOXIN is an expert in bankruptcy liquidation, winding-up liquidation, corporate consolidating and restructuring, civil and commercial litigation and its execution. It has been providing legal service to a number of influential forensic companies in the bankruptcy and liquidation process, and representing shareholders in the reorganization proceedings as well as other derivative proceedings.

Among these years, ZHUOXIN has been dealing with the insolvency and restructuring of subsidiaries located in China of some private and large listed groups, the range of which include central China, eastern China, western China as well as southern China, having established quite a good reputation in this field among other legal colleagues. It is worthy to mention that ZHUOXIN has also developed a complete network of human resources in cooperation with accounting firms, notarization organisations, and other law firms all over the country.

Contact: Mr. Jianbin (James) CHEN
Tel: +8620 39416868
Email: [email protected]

(2) Corporate and Commerce:
ZHUOXIN is devoted to providing a wide range of services to its clients on the general corporate matters, including but not limited to: corporate formation and alteration, corporate consolidation and division, legal risk management, corporate governance, code of conducts and ethics, IP protection, competition, employment and labour regulations, etc.

By analysing specific issues and offering trainings to the management personnel in the companies, ZHUOXIN is able to increase the staff’s awareness of the legal risks and protective measures in their daily work. Also, ZHUOXIN frequently assists the companies in drafting, reviewing and revising their code of conduct, employee handbooks, and internal compliance policies and standard operating procedures, in order to regulate the operation systematically.

Contact: Mr. Yi Zhang
Tel: +8620 39416888
Email: [email protected]

(3) Foreign Direct Investment:
With the economic development in China, more and more foreign investors choose to make investments in China, especially in Guangdong. ZHUOXIN has grasped this opportunity and accumulated much experience in advising foreign investors on a wide range of projects involving foreign direct investment. The close relationship with local governmental authorities ensures that Zhuoxin’s clients receive practical advice in navigating the complicated regulatory process for direct investment and the follow-up operational issues.

In the field of foreign investment, ZHUOXIN has represented many large companies to invest in China in the areas such as real estate development, telecommunication services, engineering construction, manufacturing, etc. As most of ZHUOXIN lawyers have oversea education backgrounds, ZHUOXIN is able to better understand the needs of ZHUOXIN’s clients, especially in cooperation with foreign clients. ZHUOXIN’s efficient service and practical advice has won the unanimous praise from ZHUOXIN’s clients, making them stand out among other law firms in Guangdong.

Contact: Mr. Jianbin (James) CHEN
Tel: +8620 39416868
Email: [email protected]

(4) Insurance:
ZHUOXIN’s lawyers have close relationship with large insurance agencies as well insurance authorities. ZHUOXIN has also represented in hundreds of insurance cases for its clients and stood out among other colleagues in this field. ZHUOXIN believes their passion and sincere attitude will provide a more professional service to their clients.

Contact: Mr. Jianbin (James) CHEN
Tel:+8620 39416868
Email: [email protected]

(5) Intellectual Property:
The Intellectual Property department of ZHUOXIN comprises of many sophisticated lawyers with rich experience in handling IP cases. Thanks to ZHUOXIN’s endeavours and accomplishments among these years, the firm has been providing high-quality and satisfying legal services of IP rights for many large companies, especially for some famous E-commerce platforms. ZHUOXIN has been continuously working hard to help its clients in protecting their IP rights against acts of tort. It has also been representing ZHUOXIN’s clients in thousands of IP cases all over the country. As ZHUOXIN’s professional attitude and patient service have gained praise from all of the firm's clients, more and more famous and large companies choose to cooperate with them in all kinds of forms such as a retaining perennial legal consultant.

Contact: Miss Biqi (Backy) WU
Tel:+8620 39416902
Email: b. [email protected]

(6) Labour and Employment:
ZHUOXIN has put an emphasis on the labour law practice, and through efforts in these years, a mature labour law service system has been built up in ZHUOXIN, in order to meet the demands of companies in legal risk control and human resource management, as well as to satisfy various requirements of employees. ZHUOXIN is an expert in dealing with legal issues relating to contract management, human resource, confidentiality and administration, by helping those companies successfully establish an effective management system to reduce human costs and labour disputes and helping protect legitimate benefits of employees. Moreover, lawyers in ZHUOXIN have been repeatedly invited to give out speeches in diversified lectures and seminars hosted by Guangdong Investment Promotion Agency, the Law Society of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services, Dongguan Productivity Promotion Centre, etc., in which they share personal practice experience and theoretical research with the public.

Contact: Mr. Zhi (Kenda) PENG
Tel: +8620 39416888
Email: [email protected]

(7) Litigation and Arbitration:
ZHUOXIN has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration and has provided service in countless commercial and civil cases at all stages of litigation from district courts to the Supreme People’s Court, and in the process of arbitration in a wide range of arbitration institutions. ZHUOXIN has shown memorable performance on thousands of complicated cases, such as investment disputes, corporate liquidation, SOE (State-owned Enterprises) transformation, and real estate investments. Some of typical cases have been widely published in the national or local media and been embodied in the case collection of the Supreme People’s Court.

The success of ZHUOXIN is attributed to its excellent lawyers and its specialised teamwork mode. The strong and wide social network established and developed by its lawyers enables ZHUOXIN to maintain close relationship with local governmental organisations and other institutions, enhancing its advantages in dealing with issues related to regional protectionism, as well as decreasing difficulties in enforcement of judicial and arbitral awards. Meanwhile, lawyers of ZHUOXIN have actively participated in many social and political activities, including providing service for local People’s Congress and acting as arbitrators of different arbitration commissions, in order to help their clients express their opinions and protect their legitimate rights.

Contact: Mr. Hailong XIA
Tel: +8620 39416888
Email: [email protected]

(8) Mergers and Acquisitions:
M&A is an important area of ZHUOXIN’s practice. ZHUOXIN has accumulated rich experience in advising a large number of comprehensive M&A deals as well as in providing service for both established and emerging businesses.

ZHUOXIN assesses risk exposure, conduct due diligence, drafting and revising legal documents, and helps to complete the entire process of M&A deals. ZHUOXIN can customize a structure for any kind of merger, including cross-border deals, capital raising, asset acquisition, equity mergers, reorganisations, and management buy-outs. ZHUOXIN’s lawyers usually work with other advisers as required to protect their clients from potential risks. The broad diversification of their work in a multiplicity of practice areas enables them to provide their clients with coordinated legal advice in many areas of the law, as it is quite common for a single M&A transaction to require some expert legal advice from a number of other practices. The comprehensive setting of departments in ZHUOXIN can easily satisfy the needs of clients.

Contact: Mr. Jianbin (James) CHEN
Tel: +8620 39416868
Email: [email protected]

(9) Overseas Investment:
Thanks to the opening-up policy of the Chinese government, it has been a hot topic for individuals or companies to make overseas investment in the 21st century. In the field of overseas investment of domestic enterprises, ZHUOXIN, as the legal counsel of many large domestic companies, has assisted the clients to start new business or make investments in the major countries of America, Europe, Asia and Africa. ZHUOXIN has also provided a wide range of legal services to clients with regard to their daily operation, business negotiations and disputes resolutions during their international business activities.

ZHUOXIN’s service includes but is not limited to: due diligence investigations on the legal environment of the invested regions and the investment projects, negotiation and documentation, assisting in approval and filing procedures, coordination with the agencies of the invested regions, providing legal training on laws and regulations of the invested regions, etc. ZHUOXIN’s long-term engagement in the overseas investment sector has enabled them to address legal problems arising from any project with the best solutions aiming at protecting clients’ ultimate rights and interests.

Contact: Mr. Jianbin (James) CHEN
Tel: +8620 39416868
Email: [email protected]

(10) Real Estate:
Many lawyers in ZHUOXIN are devoted to providing legal service in real estate industry, the scope of which contains real estate development, government examination, project financing, construction, commercial housing sales and property management. By virtue of their ample experience and in-depth understanding of their clients’ commercial needs, ZHUOXIN is able to address their clients’ commercial goals and minimise their potential legal risks.

Our professionals in real estate have worked closely with other departments of the firm in the fields like foreign direct investment, litigation and arbitration, in order to more efficiently resolve real estate disputes and provide a more comprehensive service to the clients.

In addition, lawyers in ZHUOXIN pay attention to theory exploration in the field of real estate by publishing articles in influential magazines, participating in discussions of hot issues in society and presenting their views at lectures or seminars hosted by major governmental institutions.

Contact: Mr. Haohui WANG
Tel: +8620 39416888
Email: [email protected]

■ Delegated by the Provisional Liquidators of a HK listed company to provide long-term foreign related civil and commercial legal service for the taking over of the HK listed company’s mainland subsidiaries. 
■ Assisting a PRC listed company in the recognition and enforcement proceeding of a CIETAC arbitral award in Tanzania, and assisting it in defending a commercial case at Tanzanian High Court. 
■ Representing a Singapore company in its shares-transfer transaction with a PRC company.

(1) Asset Management
(2) Bankruptcy and Restructuring
(3) Corporate
(4) Foreign Direct Investment
(5) Insurance
(6) Intellectual Property
(7) Labour and Employment
(8) Litigation and Arbitration
(9) Mergers and Acquisitions
(10) Overseas Investment
(11) Real Estate
(12) Securities and Capital Market

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