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Shaanxi Jiaxuan Law Firm
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Chairman: Lu Gang
Number of Partners: 53
Number of Lawyers: 214
Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese

Shaanxi Jiaxuan Law Firm was founded in 2012 as a full-service law firm committed to providing the highest levels of quality advice to clients. The firm's legal service areas layout covers contract management, corporate governance, investment, financial securities, real estate and construction, intellectual property, labor and personnel, criminal defense, civil and commercial litigation and arbitration, and other legal services. Shaanxi Jiaxuan Law Firm is particularly focused on the area of corporate legal risk management and is honoured as an expert in that. During the process of legal service, the lawyer team is devoted to customers in the search for a truly constructive program to achieve a common growth with customer values, to winning a high degree of recognition from customers and to forming a stable customer group.


1. Corporate and M&A:
Shaanxi Jiaxuan Law Firm’s corporate governance practice covers a comprehensive range of legal services, including providing business management advice and suggestions for clients, assisting in the construction of corporate governance systems, assisting in establishing equity incentive mechanisms, improving labor and personnel management models, establishing legal education and training mechanisms, and formulating and improving internal and external legal risk prevention mechanisms. Shaanxi Jiaxuan Law Firm’s M&A practice covers a comprehensive range of legal services, including being involved in negotiation, designing, drafting and revising cooperation works, designing and restructuring plans, assisting in the works of government permission, record, registration, etc., orgnising the team to conduct legal due diligence, and poviding legal services in the works of reverse merger,private placement, domestic and overseas listing,financing,and tax risk prevention.

Key Clients:
Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Corp. Ltd
Shaanxi Yanan Petroleum Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Shaanxi Coal Industry Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

2. Private Equity Funds and Venture Capital:
Shaanxi Jiaxuan Law Firm provides long-term legal services for private equity fund institutions, assists in receiving the private equity manager license and organizing various funds including equity investment funds, securities funds, mergers and acquisitions funds, mezzanine investment funds, real estate funds, etc. Meanwhile, Shaanxi Jiaxuan Law Firm provides legal services for all stages of corresponding companies' start-up, including growth, expansion, mergers and acquisitions. Shaanxi Jiaxuan Law Firm also provides various forms of investment and financing legal services including equity, debt and mezzanine financing, etc.

Service Layout:
Assisting private equity institutions to obtain manager qualifications and provide fund formation program services;
Providing legal services of internal governance, risk prevention for private equity institutions;
Providing full legal services for companies with private equity funds and venture capital investment target;
Providing full legal services for withdrawal targeted companies with private equity funds or venture capital;
Providing full process legal services for the targeted companies to absorb private investment or venture capital;
Providing full process legal services for the targeted companies to M&A, restructure, IPO and etc.

Key Clients:
Xi'an Tourism Group Datang Financial Holdings Investment Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Xike Angel Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Xi 'an Jinhe Investment Management Co., Ltd.

3. Construction Engineering Service Contents:
Providing clients with documents drafting, modification, review and other services in the bidding stage of construction projects. During the signing stage of the construction contract, Jiaxuan law Firm shall provide the services of reviewing and revising the contract for the risk prevention of business negotiation, also providing risk management and other services during construction and at important points such as acceptance of project and the transfer. In addition, Jiaxuan law Firm provides legal services in settlement of engineering disputes, settlement of visa claims and other matters.

Key Clients:
China Railway Group Limited
China Railway Construction Corporation Limited
China State Construction Engineering Corporation(CSCEC)
Shannxi Construction Engineering Group Co,Ltd.
Shannxi Country Garden Real Estate Co,Ltd.

4. Economic Crimes:
The research center of economic crimes has developed projects in the field of credit card fraud, contract fraud, and the crime of falsely issuing special VAT invoices, etc. The research center has also opened up several special columns such as “crime sketch” and “Research on criminal crimes in construction field” through the WeChat public Account and published more than 30 articles in a year. At the same time, in the face of all kinds of government agencies, enterprises and institutions, the center has carried out letters and visits training, financial crime monographic study, enterprise criminal compliance and other business exchanges.

5. Projects and Infrastructure
Legal service projects: central park, ring park and urban overpass construction projects of management committee of Fengxi New City in Xixian New Area of Shaanxi province; The Economic Park of Fengxi New City Development and Construction (Group) co., LTD. in Xixian New Area of Shaanxi Province, issues revenue bonds of comprehensive pipe corridor (phase I) project; The “Chinese Ancient Love” project of Xi’an International Horticultural Exposition Investment (Group) Co.,Ltd.; Xi’an International Horticultural Exposition Investment (Group) Co.,Ltd Zhongnanyuofu (phase II) cooperation project and Shiyuan City comprehensive development project, etc.

6. Energy and Mineral Resources
Over the years, Jiaxuan law Firm has been serving large and medium-sized energy enterprises deeply engaged in the legal field of mineral energy and has been in the leading position in the field of mineral energy law.
Key Clients:
Shaanxi Yanchang petroleum (group) co., LTD.
China national petroleum and natural gas co., LTD.
ChangQing oilfield branch
Guodian Shaanxi Hydropower Development co., LTD.
Shaanxi coal industry chemical group co., LTD.
Shaanxi nonferrous metals co., LTD.

7. Dispute Resolution
Relying on think tanks such as the law society of Shaanxi province and law schools of various universities and colleges, the firm has provided professional consultation and practical guidance for the agency of complicated cases. Jiaxuan law Firm has developed a systematic procedure and standard for litigation business, and optimised the legal service experience of law firms. When dealing with special cases involving multiple regions, complex legal relationships, large-scale of disputes and other special cases, Jiaxuan law Firm can effectively realise the inter-regional and inter-departmental linkage and design and implement a service plan to protect customers' interests to the maximum extent.

Business Areas
Private Equity and Venture
Capital Projects and Infrastructure
Construction Engineering
Energy and Mineral Resources
Economic Crimes
Dispute Resolution
Corporate and Merger

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