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Managing Partner: Renato Butzer Senior Partners: Emanoel Lima da Silva Filho, Kleber Luiz Zanchim, Paulo Doron Rehder de Araujo, Pedro Guilherme G de Souza Number of partners: 5
Number of other lawyers: 14
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Founded in 2006, SABZ Advogados has always focused on understanding clients’ daily needs and creating solid connections with legal departments and corporate executives. The firm’s 50+ team of professionals is trained in a multidisciplinary fashion. Such an approach has led to a unique way of work which is based on the offering of intelligent and business oriented legal solutions. SABZ is committed to making a difference to clients’ businesses.

Main Areas of Practice:
Arbitration & Litigation:
Bankruptcy & Judicial Reorganisation: 10%
Corporate & M&A: 10%
Insurance: 10%
Infrastructure & Projects:

Arbitration & Litigation:
The team handles commercial disputes involving all business-related issues as well as domestic and international arbitrations.

Work includes M&A, issues of securities, advice on the acquisition of rural land and advice related to structuring projects, especially those in the infrastructure sector. Corporate structuring and tax planning for strategic operations, licensing and registration compliance, legal advice for foreign investors, analysis of commercial contracts and advice on administrative processes for environmental permits. Administrative (CVM/Bacen) and judicial lawsuits, arbitration, strategic negotiations, judicial reorganisation and recovery of agribusiness credits.

Assets Planning & Protection:
This practice area covers asset structuring/restructuring, the incorporation of family holding companies and corporate operations. It also assists in estate and succession planning, tax analysis and planning of the operations, incorporation of companies, drafting of shareholders and quotaholders agreements, corporate routines management. Analysis of tax demand in progress, risk analysis involving civil/environmental demands in progress, support in lawsuits involving family, succession and business matters.

Financial Market:
This team acts in judicial proceedings and domestic and international arbitration proceedings. Lawyers have great experience in arbitration chambers, credit recovery and in class action lawsuits. Work includes corporate planning and tax analysis in strategic operations, incorporation of companies, commercial agreements analysis. Bankruptcy and judicial reorganisation support including creditor representation, priority credits, receivership, risk assessment, preparation of memoranda and due diligence and asset acquisition from companies in financial difficulties.

Corporate & M&A:
This practice area covers operations in M&A, issuance of securities, assistance in project financing, structuring of new businesses in various economic segments, corporate transactions/reorganization and structuring of investment operations (including private equity, venture capital and angel investments). Legal Advice in Corporate planning and tax analysis of strategic operations, incorporation of companies, drafting of corporate documents, advising for foreign investors, analysis and negotiation of commercial agreements and regulatory advice for public and private companies. Litigation in Administrative (CVM/BACEN) and judicial lawsuits, arbitral proceedings and strategic negotiations.

Lawyers assist in legal advisory in request for proposals (RfP), project finance transactions, public bids and contracts, concessions, public-private partnerships (PPPs), public lease, regulatory matters, companies consortium format and other associations between public and private companies. The team also handles claims of economic-financial contracts equilibrium, arbitration and judicial litigation cases regarding public and private contracts in several areas such as construction, projects, equipment acquisitions, sanitation, transport, logistic, energy etc. M&A and financial transactions through financial and capital markets.

The insurance area covers claims management, structuring and restructuring of insurance plans, drafting and revision of contractual instruments and designing of new insurance product’s wordings. Memos and legal opinions on norms and regulation, modelling of contractual and corporate structures, operations with financial agents and structuring of collective plans. Defence in strategical civil and consumer law suits, defence in administrative procedures on SUSEP, legal opinions and notifications regarding claims management.

Real Estate:
The firm advises on due diligence, corporate structuring, licensing and registration compliance. Debentures, securitisation, investment funds. Class action, arbitration, tax disputes and environmental disputes.

International Work:
The firm’s international work is mainly focussed on international arbitration and supporting international clients in domestic related business.

The firm is hired by the top players in the relevant economic sectors (agribusiness, chemical industry, infrastructure, financial market, real estate market and insurance). Middle market clients also request SABZ’s expertise in sensitive cases.

Arbitration & Litigation:
Paulo Doron Rehder de Araujo
Bankruptcy & Judicial Reorganization: Paulo Doron Rehder de Araujo
Corporate & M&A: Emanoel Lima da Silva Filho
Insurance: Pedro Guilherme G de Souza
Infrastructure & Projects: Kleber Luiz Zanchim
Public Law: Kleber Luiz Zanchim
Tax: Pedro Guilherme G de Souza


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