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Rockmond Litigation Funding Advisors

This content is provided by Rockmond Litigation Funding Advisors.

Managing Partners: Cesar Cervera Canton, Armando Betancor Alamo
Number of employees: 4
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Overview & History:
Rockmond Litigation Funding Advisors is an independent boutique firm that provides clients based in the Europe, Latin America, United States, UK and Africa with advisory services on access to commercial litigation finance, and international commercial and investment arbitration finance.

The firm provides litigation support services on access to legal finance for its clients. Rockmond helps clients and lawyers transform their valuable needs from burdensome expenses to assets with upside potential. The firm pairs these valuable needs with the right funder. As a result, it helps its clients, adds value to their businesses and their firms, and helps funders by bringing them the right case.

Rockmond has an extraordinary relationship with large firms both in Europe and the Americas, and developed a network of contacts with the best law firms. The firm provides its services to individuals and businesses: from startups to large corporations, and to leading law firms around the world.

Rockmond maintains close relationships with the largest third-party funders in the market giving its clients access to the best finance solutions for the right case.

■ Finance investment and commercial arbitration, and litigation proceedings
■ Monetise investment and commercial arbitration claims, and judicial claims
■ Monetise arbitral awards, and court rulings
■ Enforce arbitral awards, and court rulings

Funding ranges from at least $1 million USD with no upward limit.